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Looking for a Catastrophic Accident Attorney?

How do I find an excellent lawyer or attorney to help me with my catastrophic injury?

Catastrophic injuries refer to the consequences of an injury that permanently hinders a person from doing gainful work. This kind of injury is typically sudden and leaves one with permanent disabilities. It not only effects the life of the injured individual, but also their family and friends, who have to adjust themselves to provide constant assistance or supervision. There are also a lifetime of medical bills and rehabilitation to add to this.

Some of the most common catastrophic injuries are:

  • multiple bone fractures
  • accidental amputation
  • major head trauma
  • brain damage
  • severe eye injury
  • serious burns
  • damaged organs
  • injuries to the neck, spinal cord, and neurological disorders which can cause paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia, tetraplegia, brain injuries and many other disabling injuries.

What will a catastrophic accident attorney do for me?

Catastrophic injury settlements seek to get victims compensated for these lifelong disabilities. It is important to put such a sensitive case into the hands of a capable attorney.

In cases where the catastrophic injury was the result of the intentional or negligent act of another person or caused by the use of a defective product, a personal injury claim will be a crucial part of determining the quality of life a victim will go on to have. The quality of medical care and other support they will need will also be taken into consideration. The financial implications of a catastrophic injury and the accurate determination of these factors is important.

A competent catastrophic accident attorney will also be aware of the limits. Throughout the US, legislators have put into place caps on non-economic damages which are rather low. A good lawyer will find a way to get compensation for the victim and their loved ones or caregivers.This includes lost income, lost enjoyment of life, mental anguish, and pain and suffering, as well as compensation for medical bills.

Brad Pistotnik Law

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in Kansas, your most immediate need will be medical attention. Your second call should be to Brad Pistotnik Law. The law firm which is named after its founder has a long and respected record of getting victims the compensation they deserve for their injuries, including catastrophic injuries.

Patients don't always get the treatment they need right after an accident to prevent an injury from being a catastrophic one. Brad insists that patients are seen at a tertiary hospital at a first level trauma unit. Here, they can have tests like CT or PET scans and MRIs done immediately to accurately determine whether an accident has caused a catastrophic injury.

How do I get Brad Pistotnik on my case?

Brad Pistotnik or Pistotnik Law understands the circumstances and laws when it comes getting compensation for victims of catastrophic injuries. He knows what to look for and will provide the evidence needed to get settlements or damages that will ensure a victim of such injuries and their caregivers are adequately compensated.

Contact Brad for catastrophic injuries sustained in accidents in Wichita as well as in Garden City, Liberal and Dodge City. Brad's colleagues also practice in Illinois, Oklahoma and Nebraska and take on Pro Hac Vice work in Missouri, Texas and other states. We also work in Colby, Hays, Hutchinson, Emporia, Salina, Kansas City, Topeka, Winfield, Wellington, McPherson, Lindsborg, Kingman, Pratt, Ulysses, Satanta and Coffeyville.

Time is of the essence when it comes to making claims for injuries. Brad is available around the clock on 1-800-241-BRAD or at 316-684-4400. You can also reach him on his cell on 316-706-5020. You can also be assisted by Tony Atterbury. Reach him on his cell phone at 316-617-9237. Call in the Bull. Hire the Real Brad. Hire Abogado El Toro.