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Leave it to 'The Real Bull' to Get You the Compensation You Deserve After Your Truck Wreck

What can you do when you've been injured in a truck wreck? Truck accidents cause much more damage and leave more serious injuries than accidents between personal-use vehicles. A fully loaded commercial truck, such as a dump truck or a big truck, can weigh at least 25 times more than a personal car. This big difference in weight means much more impact in the event of an accident.

Another danger with truck wrecks is the cargo they may be carrying. It can be doubly dangerous if a truck is ferrying hazardous or flammable materials, such as industrial waste or gasoline, which can leave secondary injuries.

Proving your case

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and other damages. The party at fault will not often admit liability or readily offer fair and adequate compensation. It usually takes a legal claim to get the fair compensation you need.

As the person injured in a truck wreck, you will be required to prove negligence by establishing that

  • The party at fault or defendant had the duty of exercising a reasonable degree of care to avoid causing injury as drivers are required to do.
  • The party of fault failed to exercise reasonable care as expected.
  • It was the defendant's failure to exercise reasonable care that caused the injuries you suffered.

Potential Defendants

There is also the matter of potential defendants. In many cases, trucking companies, insurance companies, employers, and contractors could be obligated to compensate you for your injuries.

The help that you need

Your immediate concern after being in any kind of accident is getting medical attention. After this, your next move should be to get legal representation. Typically, the insurance company of the party at fault will approach you and try to get you to sign off papers stating that you have accepted the compensation they have offered, that the matter is settled, and you not be pursuing further compensation.

Do not sign any paperwork. Instead, refer them to your attorney. Your best bet for winning the case would be appointing an attorney who has handled truck wrecks before. If you are in Kansas, that attorney is Brad Pistotnik, founder of Brad Pistotnik Law. Also fondly referred to as'The Real Brad', you will be in the best legal hands if he handles your truck wreck case.

Brad has won millions of dollars in compensation for the clients he has represented who have been involved in truck wrecks. He has even written a book, Truck Accidents Kill and published a number of articles for the Kansas Association on litigating serious truck and tractor accidents.

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