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A semi truck accident attorney should have experience in multiple areas of injury law that pertain to automobile accidents.It is a complicated segment of the law, and especially where a catastrophic injury has been sustained, you need attorneys that will gain you or your friends/loved ones the best possible settlement. Those attorneys must have extensive experience for either side of the legal battle. Sometimes the truck driver works on behalf of a corporation. Sometimes he's getting specifically sued by a family that has sustained injuries of their own from his corporately-owned truck. Either way, in an accident with a semi there are always multiple issues that must be considered such as whether he was negligently hired; whether he was negligently qualified; whether the driver was over the maximum hours limits; whether he was on methamphetamine, speed or other stimulants and a whole host of other issues that are unique to truck driver cases. These multiple issues bring up questions of liability and negligence. For many lawyers that do not practice in the specific area of trucking safety, they can miss the most important parts of the case and throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars in damages due to missing the appropriate claims. These laws can be extremely confusing.

Such complications are one reason you are going to need legal representation as quickly as possible. The damaged vehicles should not be moved from traffic unless that is what a police officer has told you to do. Pictures must be taken so proper records can be presented in court. A semi truck accident attorney will agree that one photo says a thousand words.

Look for legal representation from a group that can handle more than one kind of personal injury. In the event of an accident involving a semi truck, a cavalcade of hidden difficulties will definitely arise. The legal landscape is more turbulent in America today than it's ever been throughout the nation's history. Law is a labyrinth that continues to compound on itself in terms of complexity. You need someone with an eagle's perspective to see the strategy leading away from confusion and into freedom. With a personal injury, the law can tie your mind in knots. You need the best trained trucking attorney you can find. Brad Pistotnik wrote the book on this area in his book entitled, Truck Accidents Kill.

Brad Pistotnik Law has successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages to a variety of clients across multiple states. Presently, their lawyers are licensed in Kansas, Oklahoma, Illionois and Nebraska are states in which Wichita-centered offices have provided litigation. They've also done Pro Hac Vice work in Texas and Missouri.

If you are looking for a semi truck accident attorney that has seen a variety of different cases, you're going to find that attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law. Our knowledge base of medical injuries includes injuries that result in paralysis, coma, amputation, or even death. Brad Pistotnik Law has handled cases in reference to nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, construction site accidents, commercial motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, auto accidents, and tractor-trailer accidents. They've provided their services throughout Kansas. Cities serviced include Dodge City, Liberal, Garden City, Hutchinson, Hays, Salina, Colby, Emporia, Newton McPherson, Arkansas City, Winfield, Hugoton, Goodland, Topeka, Kansas City, Pittsburg, Coffeyville, Wellington, Wichita, Kingman, Pratt, Great Bend, Satanta, El Dorado, Augusta, Manhattan, Junction City, Abilene, and a variety of others. Highways of note where they've conducted cases include highways 50, 56, 400, 83, 183, 54 and interstates 70 and 35.

When we accept your case we always will try to win the case and use our best ability to do so. Brad Pistotnik Law will do everything humanly possible to help you and your family.

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