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How is Traumatic Brain Injury Treated?

How is a traumatic brain injury treated? Can individuals recover from their injuries and return to "life as normal" when treatment concludes? Traumatic brain injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents were the third leading cause of emergency room visits in the United States in 2013. When a traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs, the individual may require considerable therapy and long-term care to recover their cognitive functions, mobility, and memory,

The CDC estimated in 2013 that there were 2.8 million emergency room visits related to TBI. Of these, 282,000 required hospitalization. Initial examination at this stage helps physicians determine the level of injury. This involves determining the individual's response to verbal communication and motor response, using the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) as a guideline for diagnosis. If a patient shows signs of a brain injury, the physician may request a CT scan or MRI to determine which areas of the brain are affected. Those who score higher on the GCS have a greater chance at full recovery from their injury.

Mild injuries typically heal themselves with minimal treatment. However, it can take several days to several weeks for swelling to go down and for the individual to regain their ability to walk, talk, and and work normally. In most cases, physicians suggest a gradual return to these activities.

Hospitalization is often required in situations where severe swelling or penetration of the cranium has occurred. Treatment of these injuries requires stopping blood loss and ensuring proper blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Often, physicians will prescribe diuretics and anti-seizure medication. In severe cases, they may recommend surgery to remove hematomas, repair fractures, or fix broken blood vessels. In the most severe cases, a medically induced coma to help the brain heal may be recommended.

Recovery depends on many factors. These include the patient's age and overall health, the severity of the injury, and the skills of the physical therapist, neuropsychologist, speech pathologist, and others entrusted with the individual's care. Nationwide, more than 5 million Americans are estimated to be living with a TBI. A brain injury attorney can help forecast the long-term cost of care, including rehabilitative treatment, lost wages, and the overall impact to quality of life.

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