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How Safe are Parking Lots?

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How safe are parking lots? Does the doctrine of premises liability cover accidents that occur in parking lots and parking garages in Kansas? A significant number of people are injured and killed each year in parking lot accidents. The fact is that most people feel safe in parking lots, but the data shows that is a false sense of security that can have fatal consequences. The doctrine of premises liability may apply to parking lot accidents when the negligent actions of the owner/operator of the parking garage or parking lot contribute to causing an accident.

Parking Lot Accidents

The National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that there are more than 50,000 accidents in parking lots and parking garages each year. These cause an estimated 500 deaths and 60,000 personal injuries. Increased holiday traffic increases the risk to both motorists and pedestrians.

Pedestrians are at greatest risk of injury or death in a parking lot accident. Comparing data gathered by the NSC and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that approximately 10% of all pedestrian fatalities occur in parking lots and parking garages. The risk of these accidents causing a personal injury increases by about 3%, and for fatalities at between 4-5% for every km/h the vehicle is traveling.

Premises Liability Within Parking Lots and Garages

Parking lot owners and operators are required to maintain the premises in good condition. Inadequate striping, potholes and cracks in the pavement, and debris in the lane of travel can lead to accidents. Likewise, failure to remove ice/snow, failure to maintain sidewalks, improper or inadequate placement of signs, and poor lighting can lead to an accident.

The most common causes of parking garage accidents involve inadequate maintenance and poor lighting. They may also include inadequate security and defects in design and construction. These contribute to poor visibility and blind spots which increase the risk to both pedestrians and motorists.

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