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How is Paralysis Managed After an Automobile Accident?


How do physicians and patients manage paralyzing injuries? What medical and mental health care expenses should those who are paralyzed plan for as soon as possible? Treatment and care for paralysis depends on the location of the injury within the spinal column. The more significant the injury, the greater the cost and the longer the expected recovery period. While it is possible for some patients to regain range of motion and mobility, instances of full-recovery following paralyzing accidents are rare. When preparing compensation claims or personal injury lawsuits following a paralyzing event, individuals and their automobile accident attorney should account for considerable long-term care needs and factor those into their calculations as they pursue compensation for the accident.

38% of Paralyzation Cases Are Caused By Auto Accidents

It is estimated that 17,700 people, or 48 people per day, suffer a spinal cord injury. The average age of these individuals is 43 and approximately 78% are men. In 2016, 38% of all paralyzing injuries were the result of motor vehicle accidents. This is followed by falls at 31.6%. Nationwide, it is estimated that up to 358,000 individuals have some form of physical paralysis. The most common form of paralysis is incomplete tetraplegia which affects 47.2% of patients. This is followed by incomplete paraplegia at 20.4%, and complete paraplegia at 20.2%. Complete tetraplegia affects 11.5% of patients. Only a slim margin of .8% of patients fully recover from their injuries.

It's Essential to Account for Long-Term Care in Paralysis Claims

Treatment of spinal cord injuries can include extensive surgical procedures, emergency/intensive care, medication, physical therapy, and long-term hospital stays. Most patients require considerable medications as well as home/vehicle modifications. Finally, studies conducted in 2008 showed that 48.5% of paralyzed individuals suffered depression, 30% experienced anxiety, and 25% suffered post-traumatic stress disorder following their injury. Thus, nearly half of paralyzed individuals require long-term psychotherapy as they mentally process and adjust to life with their injury. Failure to treat the mental health of the individual can further limit recovery, diminish earning capacity, and reduce quality of life.

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