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How Many Workers Are Getting Blasted at Work?

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How many workers get blasted by explosions at work? What types of injuries can they pursue compensation for within a personal injury claim? Workers caught in a workplace explosion can suffer complex injuries. These can include burns, fractures, internal bleeding, and damage to organs. Workers who survive their injuries can face extensive recovery periods and may not fully recover from their injuries. Among other forms of compensation, workers can pursue personal injury claims that cover their costs of medical treatment, lost wages, and the impact to their quality of life.

Personal Injury Claims for Workplace Accidents

In 2017, there were 5,147 workplace fatalities. Of these, fires and explosions claimed the lives of 123 workers. This was a dramatic increase from the 88 who died from fires and explosions in 2016. One reason for this was the sharp increase in the number of individuals engaged in oil and gas production. These workers are highly susceptible to workplace explosions. In all, 112 oil and gas workers died in 2017 which was an increase from the 89 who died in 2016.

Common Causes of Explosions in the Workplace

Unlike many workplace injuries, there is no defined trend when it comes to explosions. The rate has see-sawed over the past seven years. In 20111, 144 workers died which dropped to 122 in 2012. It spiked to a high of 149 in 2013, dropped to 137 in 2014, dropped again to 121 in 2015, dropped again to 88 in 2016, then rose to 123 in 2017. Just like explosions themselves, the rates of fatalities are highly unpredictable.

Many things can cause an explosion at work. Static electricity can build up and when discharged near combustible vapors or liquid it can ignite a blast. Hazardous chemicals can combine and initiate an explosive reaction or be ignited by an open flame. Sparks from a combustion engine or mechanical process can fly into a cloud of combustible vapors or an open fuel container. Similarly, faulty electrical wiring can short-circuit and trigger an explosive chain reaction.

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