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How Many People are Driving Without Auto Insurance?

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How many drivers are driving around without insurance? What is being done to crack down on drivers who break the law and put other motorists at risk? Nationwide, it is estimated that one in every eight drivers does not carry automobile insurance. In Kansas, motorists who violate the law and drive without automobile insurance can be charged with a Class B misdemeanor. If convicted, these individuals can face fines of up to $1000 for a first offense and up to six months in jail. These penalties increase upon subsequent convictions for the same violation.

How Many Drivers Are Uninsured?

The Insurance Research Council estimates that 7.2% of motorists in Kansas are uninsured. This is the 8th lowest rate in the country. By comparison, 14.1% of motorists in Texas, 14% in Missouri, and 10.5% in Oklahoma are uninsured. States that have fewer uninsured motorists than Kansas include Nebraska at 6.8%, North Carolina at 6.5%, and the lowest in the nation is Maine at 4.5%.

Nationwide, the rates of uninsured motorists are declining, albeit very slowly. In 1992, it was estimated that 15.6% of drivers did not carry auto insurance. That rate declined to 12.3% in 2010 and 2011. It has risen slightly since then and as of 2015 the rate was 13%.

Why Do Drivers Go Without Insurance?

There are many reasons that drivers tempt fate and drive without auto insurance; none of them are justifiable. Many motorists who drive without auto insurance in the midwest can't afford it. Some would rather pay the fine if and when they are caught. Some do it arrogantly believing the other driver's auto insurance policy will cover any property damage or personal injuries that occur in an accident.

None of these reasons are acceptable to the courts and those who violate the law and are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, or Nebraska face serious penalties in such situations. Recognizing the seriousness of the crime and the consequences that result, courts are not hesitating to issue fines, revoke licenses, and imprison those who put others health and safety at risk.

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