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How Likely Are You to Receive a Traffic Ticket?

How often do police officers make contact with drivers? How likely is a driver to receive a traffic ticket during a stop? Contact with police is fairly common and each year, law enforcement makes contact with millions of motorists. When contact is initiated by police, the likelihood of receiving a ticket depends on the offense.

Police Contact and Traffic Stops

In 2015, 21% of adults 16-years-old or older had contact with the police. That's about 53 million people. Of these contacts, 3.1% were the result of a traffic accident. In all, 22.73 million people, or 12.8% of people had multiple contacts due to being the driver during a traffic stop. Further, 8.11 million, or 4.1% of people had multiple contacts due to traffic accidents.

40.9% of contacts were made due to speeding violations. 12.2% were the result of defective vehicle violations. 7.3% were due to stop sign or stop light violations. 6.8% were the result of illegal turns or lane changes. 3.2% were because of seatbelt violations, while 1.7% were the result of cellphone violations. Surprisingly low, only 1.4% of police initiated contacts were roadside sobriety checks.

Traffic Tickets

In 2015, 30.9% of traffic stops for speeding resulted in a warning, while 66% resulted in a ticket. In 1.7% of instances, the individual was searched or arrested. 73.6% of cellphone violations ended in a ticket, while only 22.4% resulted in a warning.

52.3% of stop sign/light violations resulted in a ticket, while 40.3% resulted in warnings. A total of 2.1% resulted in a search or arrest. Similarly, 45.2% of illegal turn or lane change violations resulted in tickets, while 45.5% resulted in warnings. In all, 2.7% of illegal turns and lane changes ended in search or arrest. 69.9% of seatbelt violations at a traffic stop resulted in tickets, while 20% earned a warning. A total of 2.2% of seatbelt violations ended in search or arrest.

18.3% of stops involving vehicle defects as an outcome of traffic stops resulted in tickets, while 63.6% resulted in warnings. A total of 5.1% resulted in search or arrest. Finally, 4.3% of roadside sobriety stops resulted in tickets, while 18.4% resulted in warnings. A total of 8.9% resulted in search or arrest.

The data shows that there are most certainly driving infractions that are more likely to result in receiving a ticket, and there are definitely actions that are more likely to result in arrest. Overall, the statistics show that slowing down, staying off the phone, obeying posted signs, and not drinking while driving are the best ways to avoid a ticket or arrest.

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