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How a Head Injury Attorney Can Change Your Life

How do I find a lawyer or attorney for my car accident and brain injury like a concussion, TBI or Closed Head Injury? Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be permanently life changing, causing effects as far ranging as a loss of your talents, work hours, ability to perform mundane tasks, and physical health. A head injury can be caused by penetration, a harsh blow, or any trauma that disrupts brain function. It causes more deaths among people under the age of 45 than anything else. TBIs can hide away for years, whether due to misdiagnosis or because the patient couldn’t place their own symptoms. This is why any accident that may have caused head injury is best assessed by a neurologist. If you believe someone else's actions caused head injury complications and they may be legally liable for the injuries of yourself or a loved one, immediately consult with a head injury attorney.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

Signs of TBI may include a change in personality, auditory hallucinations, and even a loss of vocabulary. Damage to each part of the brain causes an entirely new set of symptoms, and the type of injury creates its own differences. To complicate the matter further, not all diagnostic tests are accurate if your symptoms are dormant at the time of the test. Some of the more common symptoms of head injury in adults are:

  • Chronic headaches
  • A loss of short or long-term memory
  • A loss of cognitive function (not being able to process information as well as you once could)
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision or seeing double.
  • Coma or loss of consciousness.
  • Light sensitivity.
  • Change in taste and smell.

In time, new symptoms can appear, especially when abusive caregivers are causing ongoing damage.

What Next?

Once you’ve discovered a head injury that someone else is responsible for, a head injury attorney at Brad Pistotnik Law will help you establish if you have a strong case. Your medical evaluation and diagnostic tests will help Brad Pistotnik prove the harm you’ve suffered. You don’t pay a fee unless you win, so taking action costs you nothing than a little of your time. Since brain injuries can cause many years of disability and emotional distress, the quality of life you've lost deserves compensation.

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Our primary focus is catastrophic injury, such as coma, death, and amputation, whether acquired through auto, truck, cycle, tractor-trailer, big rig, commercial motor vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents, nursing home negligence, construction site accidents, or medical malpractice.

Types of Head Injury Cases

Brain injury lawsuits are usually tried on the basis of negligence. Your head injury attorney must prove that:

  • The injuries or losses are measurable under the law
  • The defendant didn’t care reasonably for the plaintiff
  • The defendant’s action or inaction caused the head injury
  • “Duty of care” was owed to you.

Your health, lifestyle, and quality of life are valuable. A winning lawsuit goes far in helping you support your recovery and treatment. Contact Pistotnik Law for advice today. Brad Pistotnik can be reached 24/7 at:

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