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How to Find a Good Wichita Lawyer

How do I find a great lawyer in Wichita, Kansas and across the State of Kansas?

If you are looking for a good or even a great Wichita lawyer, you need to be prepared to do some research. Make sure to do your homework, when it comes to finding the best lawyer to help with your legal case. Here are several questions that you should ask yourself when choosing a lawyer:

What should I look for in a lawyer?

A lawyer is supposed to help in solving legal problems. Therefore, you need to feel comfortable enough to share your concerns with him. If you cannot trust your lawyer completely, then you have no business hiring him. Nothing you read and no one you listen to will be able to show that a particular lawyer is good for you and your case. You need to meet him and judge for yourself. When you meet Brad, Tony, Bill or Jay you will know that each is highly dedicated and compassionate lawyers and attorneys who care about you and know what you are going through. Brad Pistotnik Law is the law firm to hire when you need a lawyer that actually cares about you.

Are there practical considerations to keep in mind?

Keep in mind that not all lawyers are experienced in personal injury and trial litigation. Most lawyers are not trial lawyers in civil personal injury practice. Indeed, in Kansas there are only several attorneys and firms that file a lot of lawsuits. In 2016 Brad Pistotnik Law filed over 90 lawsuits in various counties, states and in Federal Court.

Where should I start looking?

There are several ways of finding a reputable lawyer. For instance, you can get recommendations from your family and friends. Each case is different and just because a lawyer is right for your friend does not mean he will suit your particular case.

The attorney’s prior experience is very important. Prior results show you whether an attorney has been successful and whether they can afford to spend the money on your case that it needs to develop the case properly.

Can I look for a lawyer in advertisements?

You can find good lawyers by looking at advertisements. Once you identify who you want to hire, then call the lawyer and talk to them. It is better to meet face to face. You can set an appointment and get free consultations from Brad Pistotnik by calling his cell phone, day or night at 316-706-5020. He will answer the phone 7 days a week as long as he is awake and up. Make sure that you conduct the proper research first and schedule a free consultation, so you can find out if this is a lawyer that will be a good legal representative for you.

Where can I find a great lawyer at a reasonable price?

Most personal injury lawyers will work without money up front on a percentage known as a contingency fee. If a lawyer wants to charge you by the hour, beware! That means the lawyer is not sure enough of their own skills and your case to make an educated bet and represent you on a percentage.

Are you looking for a Wichita lawyer? You should contact Brad Pistotnik Law on 316-684-4400 or call Brad’s number 316-706-5020 at any time of the day or night. Residents of Coffeyville, Great Bend, Dodge City, or McPherson can also call. If you ever decide to pass through highways 50, 56, and 54, you should consider stopping by the law firm. You can also call Tony Atterbury on his cell at 316-617-9237.