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How to Expedite the Recovery Process

Is it possible to expedite the recovery process following a motor vehicle accident? What are some effective steps car accident survivors can take to recover their health? The actions you take following an injury causing motor vehicle accident will have a significant impact on your recovery. When you take the following steps you increase your chances of making a full recovery.

1. Prepare for a Possible Crash

In 2017, there were 6,452,000 auto accidents in the US. Of these, 1,889,000 caused serious personal injury, and 34,247 caused a fatality. This highlights the reasons it's imperative to purchase the highest amount of automobile and medical insurance coverage you can afford. Choose policies that provide broad protection and treatment options. This will give you greater flexibility and more coverage if an accident happens.

2. Always Report the Accident

Always report the accident to police and your insurance provider. These create a documented record of the accident that helps support your claim.

3. Receive Prompt Medical Assessment and Treatment

You should go to the emergency room for a full physical following a motor vehicle accident. Many injuries, such as whiplash, nerve damage, etc., are not always readily apparent right after a crash. However, emergency room doctors can detect bone fractures and record bruises, lacerations, etc. that can indicate other potential injuries.

4. Proactively Pursue Treatment

You should never wait for a settlement to undergo medical treatment. If you have suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident, it's vital to start treatment immediately. This will significantly improve your prospect of a full recovery and minimize the risk of suffering secondary injuries down the road.

5. Adhere to Doctor's Orders and Restrictions

Your doctor is likely to place restrictions on your ability to lift objects and engage in other activities that may exacerbate your injuries. It is vital that you adhere to the restrictions your doctor puts forth. While this may impact your ability to work, do housework, or engage in other activities, keep in mind that these restrictions are in place to help you recover.

6. Allow Your Treatment Regimen to Evolve

Your health will change throughout the recovery process. It is important to adjust your treatment plan to match your physical and mental health. Never hesitate to request changes to therapies or treatments that aren't working. Finally, set recovery goals, but allow yourself to heal at a steady rate rather than trying to force your body to meet arbitrary deadlines that your bones, muscles, and joints are simply not ready to meet.

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