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How do I Preserve My Auto Accident Rights Following an Accident?

How do I preserve my rights following an automobile accident? What auto accident rights are survivors entitled to following a motor vehicle crash? The moments immediately following an automobile accident are critical and there are certain steps individuals should take to preserve their rights and pursue claims for personal injuries, property damage, and wrongful deaths. Most personal injury cases are rapidly screwed up by the injured plaintiff because they fail to get immediate medical treatment and fail to get immediately legal advice. In Kansas, you have PIP benefits which gives you $4,500.00 minimum of medical insurance to see a doctor. This is your primary health insurance in Kansas and your health insurance will not pay until you use or exhaust these benefits first. See K.S.A. 40-3113a.

One of the first things individuals should do is involve law enforcement. Even if the accident appears minor at first, this doesn't mean injuries won't appear later once dopamine levels settle down and the injury sets in. Involving the police means there will be an official police report documenting the specifics of the accident including date, time, location, points of impact, as well as property and visible physical damages sustained. Most people do not know the extent of their injuries until the second day. This is why if you are in pain at all you should seek immediate medical treatment at a first level trauma hospital like Via Christi St. Francis and avoid minor emergency centers.

Similarly, individuals should take plenty of photographs and gather the names and contact information of eyewitnesses. This information is routinely gathered by police officers, however, it is crucial to gather this information as it provides a backup to what the police collect and protects the individual should this information get lost or the police officer fails to include it in their official report.

Every individual within the vehicle should also receive a thorough medical evaluation even if no injuries are readily apparent. It is not uncommon for major injuries to present themselves in the initial stages as minor soreness and discomfort. Having a physician evaluate these immediately following an accident helps establish that the accident was the cause of the injury.

Individuals should also consult with their personal injury attorney prior to providing recorded statements to either their insurance provider or the insurance providers of other parties to the accident. While it is crucial to contact the individual's own insurance provider following an accident to open the case and create a case number, individuals should never make admissions of liability during these initial contacts. This helps protect the individual's rights and limits the possibility that information will be misconstrued or that the individual will agree to terms including mandatory arbitration that can limit their potential to pursue damages. Brad Pistotnik Law is one of oldest and largest personal injury firms in the State of Kansas. Brad Pistotnik has been helping personal injury victims since 1983 with motorcycle accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, car accidents, bicycle accidents, fleet vehicle accidents, motor carrier accidents and large equipment and farm accidents.

Finally, it is crucial to seek legal counsel following any accident that causes property damage, personal injuries, or wrongful deaths. While individuals do have the right to represent themselves in court, there are many facets to the law that they may not be aware of. As a result, individuals who represent their claims themselves may not be aware of all the legal remedies that are available to them. This can cause car accident survivors to forego defenses and pursue compensation that they are entitled to under state statutes and their individual auto accident rights. It can also cause individuals to agree to settlements that are far below what they will need to cover their treatments and long-term care needs following an accident. In turn, this can mean that individuals end up out-of-pocket for a significant portion of the expenses stemming from their automobile accident. I used to tell personal injury victims that they may not always need legal counsel. Today, the insurance companies are so hostile and deploy so many fraudulent quick contact tactics trying to keep people from getting a lawyer that I tell every injured person that you need the legal advice of a good attorney or lawyer even if you do not decide to talk to me. Your rights can be swept away in minutes.

Brad Pistotnik Law helps clients secure their auto accident rights following everything from fender benders to fatality causing accidents in Garden City, Wichita, Chicago, Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, Guymon, Enid, Tulsa, Dodge City, Ulysses, Manhattan, Lawrence, Colby, Wellington, Hutchinson, Emporia, Independence, Springfield, Olathe, Overland Park, Ft. Riley, Junction City, Winfield, Wellington, Liberal, Salina, Newton, Abiline, and elsewhere in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois. Our office thoroughly advises clients on their rights following an accident and ensures that clients don't sign away their rights to compensation when pursuing claims.

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