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How to Determine When You Need a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Claim

When should you hire a personal injury law firm? Sometimes hiring a personal injury law firm to represent you will at least let the defendant know you’re serious about being compensated when it’s a minor injury. However, there’s a difference between hiring a lawyer and hiring a lawyer who knows the complex legal rules involved in your case for a major injury.

If you have suffered from an accident and wonder if hiring a personal injury attorney is important, consider the following:

Do You Have Severe Injuries?

Severe injuries are defined as an injury that takes less than one year to recover from. It can include injuries such as a broken bone or a wound. The amount of money you may receive depends on the severity of your injuries. Severe injuries can also be from operations, amputations, brain injuries, fractures, eye loss, finger or hand loss, paralysis, coma, death, disabling injuries and many other types of injuries.

Compensation for injuries suffered are measured by the amount of economic and non-economic losses. This includes factors such as your medical bills, time it takes you to recover, and injuries suffered.

So you need to hire a personal injury law firm to know if you are seeking and/ or getting the right amount of money. Don’t be fooled. The defendant who injured you or its insurance company isn’t looking out for your best interest. They aren’t willing to pay you the amount of money you deserve, but as little as they can. Having a personal injury lawyer will definitely help.

Do You Have Permanent, Long-term or Disabling Injuries?

Construction site accidents, nursing home negligence, and commercial vehicle accident are just some of the accidents that can cause devastating injuries. Long-term and permanently disabling injuries are defined as injuries affecting your physical appearance or capabilities for more than a year. Injuries affecting you for more than one year will change every aspect of your life. You may never work again or be able to complete daily tasks.

Long-term injuries require computing past, present and future medical expenses—and that takes the knowledge of a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will seek to get the most money possible to cover your future medical and economic needs.

Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Claim?

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional provides substandard care. This substandard care cause harm to the individual. A term “medical professional” includes:

  • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Surgeons
    • Clinics
    • Laboratories
    • Hospitals
    • Other types of medical providers
  • A medical malpractice claim is one of the most complicated and difficult types of lawsuits. Most plaintiffs have an obvious claim. Their injuries are obvious. However, Kansas medical malpractice law were created to give defendant’s the benefit of the doubt. Thus, a plaintiff must prove the medical negligence.

    An experienced medical malpractice personal injury law firm will know how to present each element of your case and win or settle your claim.

    Brad Pistotnik Law Will Fight For You

    If you’ve been injured and have a personal injury claim, contact Brad Pistotnik. With more than 30 years of legal experience, Brad Pistotnik and his team of attorney is your personal injury law firm. Pistotnik is a personal injury lawyer dedicated to helping victims of accidents get the compensation they need and deserve. He’s served the Wichita, Kansas area for years. Pistotnik focuses on various types of accident and negligence claims requiring intensive skilled litigation. Pistotnik Law was founded by Brad Pistotnik in 1983 and changed to Brad Pistotnik Law, P.A. in 2014.

    If you’ve been injured in a catastrophic medical malpractice, auto accident or any other accident, contact Brad Pistotnik. If your loved one has been died in an accident that wasn’t his or her fault, contact Brad Pistotnik Law. He and his team of lawyers are dedicated to getting justice you deserve and money needed to overcome your injuries.

    We serve most of Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Illinois and you can find us by calling 316-684-4400 or 800-241-BRAD or call Brad on his cell at 316-706-5020. We will travel to you and can make it to your home or hospital the same day even if you live in western Kansas or out of state. We will drive or fly to you whenever necessary. We visit Goodland, Ness City, Larned, Dodge City, Lakin, Ulysses, Hugoton, Dodge City, Salina, Emporia, Pittsburg, Liberal, Hays, Colby, Salina, Lindsborg, Peabody, Kansas City, Topeka, Manhattan, Junction City, Abiline and other cities and towns.