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How Common are Staged Car Accidents?

Staged car accident

How common are staged car accidents? What can drivers do to protect themselves from auto accident liability resulting from these scams? Staged accidents aren't accidents, many are orchestrated by organized crime rings, and motorists should be alert for a potential scam anytime an accident occurs. These incidents are one of the most common scams motorists face and their numbers are increasing across many states.

Many types of scams can result in auto accident liability. These include the "Swoop and Squat" which occurs when a vehicle that swoops in front of another vehicle before slamming their brakes and causing a rear-end collision. There is also the "Drive Down," which occurs when a driver slows to allow another vehicle to merge and then accelerates, causing a collision. Drivers may also encounter the "Sideswipe," which occurs in both dual-lane left hand turns and along straightaways. In this scam, drivers follow behind the victim's vehicle and wait for it to change lanes or drift into another lane and then ram it.

Despite the commonness of these scams, law enforcement agencies and insurers have only just begin to study the impact of staged accidents on auto accident liability claims. In 2012, auto insurers paid between $5.6 and $7.7 billion dollars in claims stemming from staged accidents. This equates to roughly 13-17% of all payments made for bodily injury coverage. If data from South Carolina in 2018 is any indication, this significant number is on the rise.

Dashcams are an effective countermeasure that can expose staged accidents. In 2018, more than 285,000 dashcams will be purchased in the US, which represents a 20% increase over 2017. The higher the resolution, the more advanced the low-light capability, and the greater the storage capacity, the better protection the dashcam will provide. When a driver stages a motor vehicle accident, they bear the auto accident liability for the crash.

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