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How Common are Paralyzing Injuries in an Automobile Accident?

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How common are paralyzing injuries in an automobile accident? What compensation can a paralysis attorney pursue to help car accident survivors recover from their injuries? Each year, approximately 17,500 Americans suffer a paralyzing injury. Automobile accidents are the leading cause of these injuries and individuals who are paralyzed in an automobile accident can pursue compensation to cover their medical treatment, loss of income, impact to quality of life, and pain and suffering.

There are between 245,000 and 353,000 Americans who live with some form of paralysis. This includes monoplegia (one limb), hemiplegia (one arm and one leg), paraplegia (both legs), and quadriplegia (both arms and both legs). Since 2010, automobile accidents have caused 38.4% of all cases of paralysis recorded in the United States. This is significantly higher than falls which account for 30.5%, and acts of violence which account for 13.5%.

Nearly 63.3% of those who are paralyzed are non-Hispanic whites, while 21.7% are non-Hispanic blacks, and 11.1% are Hispanic. The average age at time of injury is 42 which has risen steadily since the early 1970's and continues trending upwards. Overall, men account for 81% of new spinal cord injuries.

Incomplete quadriplegia accounts for 45.8% of paralysis cases. This is followed by incomplete paraplegia which accounts for 20.9%, complete paraplegia which accounts for 19.7%, and complete quadriplegia which accounts for 13.2%. Nationwide, less than 1% of those who suffer a paralyzing injury recover full function when they are discharged from a medical care facility.

Paralysis significantly impacts an individual's quality of life, lifetime earning capacity, and mortality. Approximately 30% of individuals who are paralyzed will require rehospitalization within the first year following the injury and the lifetime cost of medical care and therapy can rise into the millions of dollars. Indirect costs of paralysis which include loss of income and benefits average $73,000 per year. Nationwide, approximately 41.8% of those who suffer a paralyzing injury are unable to work and since most spinal cord injuries occur during prime earning years, the lifetime loss of income is often significant.

When pursuing a paralysis claim, a paralysis attorney in Kansas will factor in both known expenses and potential future expenses. Careful calculations are essential and must take into account cost of medical care, loss of income/profession, potential future medical expenses, rehabilitative care, and overall impact to quality of life, and the individual's enjoyment of life including shortened life expectancy. We have car accident attorneys, lawyers and abogados. We have big rig and tractor-trailer accident attorneys, lawyers and abogados. We have motorcycle accident attorneys, lawyers and abogados.

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