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How Common are Combination Truck Accidents?

How frequently are combination trucks involved in large vehicle accidents? Are combination trucks more dangerous than other types of large trucks? Many people assume that combination trucks are more dangerous due to their larger size and greater capacity for cargo. It is an accurate assumption. Truck drivers who operate combination vehicles are required to have necessary certifications, adhere to stringent safety regulations, and carry sufficient commercial truck insurance to cover any personal injuries, property damage, or wrongful deaths that an accident may cause.

Nationwide, commercial truck accidents occur at a rate of roughly four per hour. In 2016, 4,440 large trucks were involved in 4,079 fatal accidents. These caused the deaths of 762 truck drivers and passengers within the truck, as well as 4,564 fatalities to motorists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. With 12.74 million large trucks registered as of 2016, the number of fatal accidents and fatalities in 2016 was nearly the same as it was in 1975, when only 5.82 million large trucks were registered. Often, the truck driver's commercial truck insurance provider is responsible for covering personal injury and wrongful death claims when these accidents occur. At Brad Pistotnik Law we see horrible tractor-trailer accidents and have a team of experts that are trained to do truck safety analysis which includes analyzing the FMCSR.

Combination trucks are vehicles that are designed to haul larger loads than standard 5 axle semi-trucks. In some cases, these vehicles may be longer than 110 feet from bumper to bumper. In 1975, there were 1.13 million combination trucks registered that combined drove just under 47 million miles. That year, 3,006 of these vehicles were involved in 2,825 fatal accidents that caused 696 fatalities to truck occupants and 3,452 fatalities to motorists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists.

By 2016, the number of combination trucks registered in the US rose to 2.75 million and these vehicles traveled a combined 175 million miles. Of these, 3,005 were involved in collisions that caused 498 fatalities to truck occupants and 3,121 fatalities to pedestrians, motorists, and motorcyclists. Thus, the overall rate of accidents involving these vehicles is roughly the same as it was 40 years ago even though registrations have more than doubled, and mileage driven has increased 272%. Thus, they may seem safer, but data gathered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that combination vehicles are more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than other standard 5 axle large trucks.

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