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How to Choose a Kansas Personal Injury Lawyer

Kansas has some great personal injury lawyers and attorneys. In Wichita, Kansas you can hire Brad Pistotnik Law. Brad will help you across the State of Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Illinois, Missouri and other places as well. If you live far away, we will fly to you to see you no matter where you live.

How do you find the right personal injury lawyer in Wichita, Kansas? Without an experienced Kansas personal injury lawyer assisting you with your case, your chances of receiving a fair settlement are slim. Yet, with so many injury lawyers to choose from, the process of seeking and finding superior legal help requires careful forethought.

We can divide the process of a Kansas personal injury lawyer to handle your case into two broad steps:

(1) identifying/researching candidates

(2) calling/physically meeting with them for a free legal consultation.

Finding Viable Candidates

While making a list of top injury lawyers to consider in helping you file and pursue your claim, you need some specific criteria to use while sifting through your many options.

Here are some of the most important factors to take into account when looking for a Kansas personal injury lawyer:

  1. The law firm is based in Kansas and has a significant numbers of cases in your county/locality. This is important, since injury laws vary from state to state and local courts processes often differ.
  2. The attorney has many years of experience in personal injury law and has had cases very similar to yours in the recent past.
  3. Both trial and negotiation skills are important. You want someone who can settle out of court, yet is not afraid to go to court, if necessary.
  4. In-depth knowledge of medical issues related to your injury, including diagnoses, causes, symptoms, and expenses such an injury will likely incur.
  5. Personal referrals from friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers, plus good ratings on online lawyer search/review sites, and recommendations from your state and/or county-level bar association can help establish a lawyer's reputation.

Preparing for the Free Consultation

After finding and initially evaluating potential candidates, you should be able to narrow your list down to five or less top prospects. At that point, you should gather all documents and information relevant to your injury case, while preparing a list of questions to ask each candidate.

Questions to ask during the consultation include:

  • Will you be personally working on my case or will it be delegated to other lawyers at your firm?
  • How many cases similar to mine have you handled in the past?
  • Given the information I have shared with you concerning my injury, can you formulate an initial strategy?
  • How frequently have you won past personal injury cases, and how high were settlements you obtained?
  • How long do you think it will take to secure my claim?
  • Will you keep me informed of new developments in my case as they arise?
  • Do you work on a contingency basis?

While it may take some genuine time, thought, and effort to identify the best possible Kansas personal injury lawyer to use, doing so greatly increases your chances of winning your case.

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Brad Pistotnik is a Kansas personal injury lawyer with many years of experience at handling a wide range of personal injury cases. He understands the intricacies of Kansas tort law and is familiar with local court procedures. He will know how to formulate the best strategy to win the maximum possible compensation for your injury.

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