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How to Choose an Injury Law Firm to Handle Your Case

How do I find a really good accident attorney or accident lawyer? When suddenly faced with an unexpected accidental injury due to the negligence of another, and overwhelmed with a mountain of medical bills and the loss of your previous income level, there is little choice but to find a personal injury law firm to collect the compensation you need to support yourself and your family.

Finding an injury law firm is easy, but finding a truly skilled and reliable injury law firm requires more discernment. Since choosing a superior law firm will greatly increase your chances of winning a maximized settlement, it is worthwhile to give it some careful thought and scrutiny.

Four factors to look for when searching for the best personal injury law firm to represent you are:

1. Numerous Good Referrals

A law firm with a track record of success will leave behind a long trail of satisfied former clients. If you know someone who won their past injury lawsuit, ask them who represented them. Also ask any other non-injury lawyers you know for referrals to a good injury lawyer. Be sure to check with your local law bar association. Many of them have built-in referral systems.

2. Deep Experience With Injury Cases

Look for a firm with lawyers who regularly focus a majority of their efforts on injury cases. They will already be familiar with local laws affecting your case, will quickly learn of new developments in relevant practice areas, and know how to form effective negotiation/courtroom strategies. Avoid those who have mainly represented insurance companies and defendants against injury lawsuits in the past, as they may not be of the right "mindset" to win you the largest possible claim. Most of all, check on how many years of experience they have. Decades of satisfactory experience is much more "comforting" than only a few short years. Brad started law school at K.U. School of Law in 1978 and got out in 1981 which means that over 35 years he has been helping personal injury victims.

3. Extensive Financial/Legal Resources

Be careful about "fly-by-night" operations with "shoe string budgets" and lawyers with paltry educational backgrounds. A good injury attorney needs to have invested much of his life in a sound legal education before beginning his own practice, and needs to continue to engage in his education to keep himself up-to-date. In order to work on a contingency basis (not charge you unless you collect compensation), substantial financial resources must be at the law firm's disposal, so they can hire high quality medical examiners, investigators, engineers, and others who can help win your claim. Does your lawyer have enough financial strength to spend $25,000 on experts to help prove your case? Many attorneys refrain from spending money on cases and the case value goes way down and you can lose. You need a financially strong law firm. Brad Pistotnik Law is financially strong. We have 15 employees with attorneys, insurance case managers, paralegals and everything you need to help you and your family win.

4. Personal Attention to Your Case

Find out if you will have an experienced lawyer assigned to your case from beginning to end and be regularly communicated with to keep you fully informed on the latest developments. You need a "true professional" who will take personal ownership of your case and fight tenaciously for your interests.

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