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How Can You Find a Reputable Law Firm?

Choosing a Kansas law firm that has a good reputation to handle your case can be the difference between receiving a small or large settlement. The goal of some law firms is to make as much money as possible. These types of firms may cut corners to save time and money, which can result in smaller settlement offers. Some disreputable lawyers may even convince their clients to take unfair settlements to avoid spending time in court.

It shouldn't be difficult to understand why it's so important to work with an honest and reliable lawyer. How can you find a reputable law firm? By following these steps when doing your initial research:

  1. Check with the state bar association - Visit the official website for the Kansas State Bar Association. Here, you'll be able to perform searches for every Kansas-area lawyer that you're looking into. In addition to finding out if the lawyer is licensed to practice in Kansas (an absolute must), you can also find out if there have been any disciplinary actions taken against the lawyer.
  2. Ask friends and family members - If you know of any friends or family members that have used a law firm in Kansas, you can ask them about their experience for a first-hand account of the lawyer's reputation.
  3. Look at online client reviews - There are numerous ways to find reviews posted online by previous clients. There are basic review sites like Yelp that provide lawyer reviews, as well as lawyer-focused review sites, such as Avvo. You can also find customer reviews on a law firm's Facebook and Google pages.
  4. Do a basic Google search - By typing the name of the law firm into Google and searching for "news" results, you can find all news-related items to that law firm. This is a good way to find any positive news stories relating to the firm, as well as any controversies that they may be involved in.
  5. Visit their website - You can get a pretty good idea for what kind of law firm they are by visiting their website. While you may not be able to get a clear picture of their reputation through their site, the fact that they have one is a good sign. Additionally, the easier the site is to navigate and the more information they provide, the more transparent they are trying to be.
  6. Look for testimonials - A reputable law firm will want to flaunt their reputation. This means most reputable lawyers will have a testimonial section on their website. Testimonials are positive reviews from previous clients about their experience working with the law firm.
  7. Look for association memberships - The more associations the law firm belongs to, the better. Look for an association section on their website and keep an eye out for membership to associations such as The American Association for Justice, the American Society of Legal Advocates and, of course, the Kansas Bar Association. A good reputation is bolstered by membership to such associations.
  8. Look for a winning track record - A winning track record also helps strengthen the reputation of a lawyer. Most lawyers will voluntarily provide their track record if asked and may even publish their record on their website.
  9. Look for community involvement - Law firms that are involved in the community care about more than just profit, which is a good indicator of a solid reputation.

Use these tips to identify a trustworthy and reliable law firm. For more information about working with a reputable lawyer serving Wichita, Liberal, Garden City, Dodge City, Kingman and many other areas throughout Kansas, visit us online at Brad Pistotnik Law or Abogado El Toro today. To talk to one of our personal injury attorneys, call 800-241-BRAD to speak with Brad Pistotnik or call 316-617-9237 to speak with Tony Atterbury. In addition to serving all of Kansas, we are also licensed to practice in the states of Oklahoma, Illinois and Nebraska.