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How Bad Tires and Bad Brakes = Big Risks

Have you ever wondered how dangerous it is to drive with bad tires and bad brakes? Are vehicle owners liable when they ignore essential auto maintenance that causes a motor vehicle accident? Failure to replace damaged tires or repair faulty brakes can cause a driver to lose control over their vehicle. When a motorist in Kansas fails to keep their car in a safe condition, they are liable for the property damage, personal injuries, and wrongful deaths their negligence causes.

Guarding Against Brake Failures

Data gathered by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration showed that brake failures contributed to 22% of all motor vehicle accidents from 2005-2007. Most brake pads need replacement every 25,000 - 50,000 miles. Some newer brakes may last up to 70,000 miles.

Drivers in urban environments may need to replace their brakes more frequently due to driving conditions that involve more stop and go behaviors. When drivers ignore warning signs that their brakes are failing, they negligently place themselves, other motorists, and pedestrians in danger. When the calipers, drums, or brake pads fail, the wheels can lock up and cause the vehicle to veer out of control, or the braking system can fail to stop the car before a collision can occur.

Accidents Caused by Worn or Damaged Tires

When brakes are ignored, it is a good bet that worn and damaged tires are also ignored. The NHTSA recommends replacing tires every six years regardless of the amount of miles put on them. That's because rubber wears out over time and can split and crack without warning as it dries out. However, many drivers ignore this recommendation at their peril, and to the danger of others.

The NHTSA's crash causation study in 2015 showed that tire problems were factors in nearly 35% of accidents. These problems included worn tires without sufficient tread and tires that were worn unevenly. These problems can lead to imbalances that can cause the driver to lose control over the direction of the vehicle.

The fact is that deficient tires and brake components are easy to repair. However, both remain among the most commonly ignored auto maintenance tasks. Saving a buck on these common-sense repairs is a bad investment. At a minimum, it can cause serious personal injuries and property damage. At worst, it can cost someone their life. In Kansas, the law is clear that drivers who ignore auto maintenance issues and cause a crash as a result, are accountable for their negligence.

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