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Getting Compensation for Your Bicycle and Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries

Have you been involved in an accident with your bicycle at an intersection? The few intersections on cyclist travel routes present the highest risk of getting hit by a car or getting involved in a accident. Statistics on bicycle and motor vehicle collisions indicate that only 11% of the accidents involve a collision with a car, but 45% of all accidents happen at an intersection.

Who's fault is it?

When a cyclist doesn't follow road rules or isn't as careful as they should be, they can be held liable for an accident, instead of the driver. Every state has its laws about bicycle and motor vehicle collisions. But generally speaking, a bicycle is considered a vehicle that is required to observe road rules just like drivers. When there is an accident, determining liability usually comes down to who had the right of way.

If an intersection has traffic signals, it is controlled by the signal. But, what about when there is no traffic signal? When two vehicles approach an intersection where there are no traffic signals, the vehicle that arrives first has the right of way. If both vehicles get to the intersection together, the one on the right hand side has the legal right of way. This rule applies when vehicles approach intersections that have stop signs. However, if a major and minor street intersect, the traffic on the major street has the right of way.

Legal considerations

Other legal considerations come into play. One is the type of intersection and another is whether a car was going straight on or turning. Some intersections requires cyclists to practice defensive riding in order to avoid accidents.

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