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Get a Fair and Adequate Compensation for your Fleet Vehicle Accident

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Have you or a loved one been injured in a fleet vehicle accident? Or, perhaps a loved one lost their life. The typical experience is that insurance companies of the party at fault will try to get away with offering a minimum amount of money in damages. This is despite the fact that you may have incapacitating injuries loss of income because of your inability to work. Even if the injuries are not catastrophic, they may require ongoing treatment such as physical therapy which is expensive.

Insurance companies may try to put you in a corner and have you take what they are offering. This way they can avoid being taken to task and required to give you fair and adequate compensation. For this reason, you should not sign any papers from them before consulting with a lawyer. The second most important thing to do after receiving proper medical attention is contacting a trusted personal injury lawyer. Put that call to Brad Pistotnik Law or Pistotnik Law as the firm is called by friends and satisfied clients. That is how you can give yourself the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

If your fleet vehicle accident happened in Wichita, Kansas on highway 50, 56, 400, 83, 183, 54, I-70, I-35 or others, Brad Pistotnik will provide able and dedication legal representation with the aim of ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.

Over the years, Brad has helped hundreds of auto accident victims get the compensation that is equal to their damages. This includes victims of fleet vehicle accidents. These can be vehicles operated by taxi companies, car rental companies, public bus companies, public utility companies and even police department vehicles.

Areas of operation

Outside of Wichita, Kansas, Brad also takes on fleet vehicle accident lawsuits in Garden City, Liberal, Dodge City and other towns throughout Kansas. Brad and his team of attorneys also represents clients in Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma and do Pro Hac Vice work in Texas and Missouri.


The starting point involves assessing your case to see if you can claim compensation. We offer free consultation with no obligation. If we find that you do have a case, we will launch an investigation to find proof of where the liability lies so we can make a claim for you to be compensated.

We understand that another concern for you is getting quality medical attention. We will help you find well qualified doctors and specialists. Over the last 34 years, we have built a network of medical professionals who will provide the care that you need.

Don't wait

In Kansas, there is a two year statute of limitations to file your case. This includes fleet vehicle accidents. You want to be able to hand the case over to your attorney when the insurance company comes calling.

Brad Pistotnik Law can be reached on 800-241-BRAD or 316-684-4400. You can also call 316-617-9237 to speak to Tony Atterbury or you can reach Brad on his cell phone on 316-706-5020 any day, any time. Make the call and give yourself the best chance of getting fair compensation for all kinds of fleet vehicle accidents.