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Five Questions to Ask During Your Free Lawyer Consultation

Many lawyers offer a free consultation. Some use it to truly answer your questions and keep you informed, while others use it to get you through the door to sell you their services. With a heavily oversaturated market, how can you put the consultation to work for you? Check out our guide of the top five questions you need to ask during your free lawyer consultation.

1. Show Me the Money

If the firm is not able to collect on your behalf will you still owe them money? Is there a payment plan for fee collection if needed? Some firms will demand payment, even if your case is not successful or only partially successful. Figure out how their fee is gathered before deciding if they are right for your case.

2. Experience the Difference

How much experience does your attorney or legal firm have in cases similar to yours? You need to ask what percentage of their total workload is devoted to your type of case. Also what is their success rate regarding this type of case? Are there records of any successful suits similar to yours that they can show you?

3. Training Day

Besides law school, has the lawyer you’re speaking with conducted any further training to supplement their degree? For example, there is specified training for medical malpractice, DUI and other types of cases that can help strengthen an attorney’s skill set.

4. Take Action

Is there anything you can do to bolster your future suit? For example, whiplash injuries are commonplace in auto accidents, but are difficult to prove without a medical diagnosis. You can even ask them if there is another way to solve your problem without reverting to legal means.

5. The Devil is in the Details

What details or facts, if any, do you see as being problematic in my case? What do you see as my chances of success? What issues will I have to face? While experience is vital, each case comes with its own set of idiosyncrasies that the other side can use to weaken your suit. What are they and how will your lawyer deal with them?

Choose Wisely

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The experienced team of Brad Pistotnik Law has serviced the above regions for nearly thirty years. They care about their clients and get results time after time. To achieve success, Brad Pistotnik and his team investigate the incident, research similar cases, submit pleadings, file motions and advocate for you tirelessly. Whether you're in search of a whiplash injury, auto accident, medical malpractice or other personal injury attorney, check out Brad Pistotnik Law for a free lawyer consultation.

You never know when life’s going to throw you a curve ball. Use the above five questions to frame your conversation and get the information you need during your free lawyer consultation.

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