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Does Point of Impact Affect Fatality Risk in Newer Vehicles?


Does point of impact affect fatality risk in a newer vehicle? What are the most dangerous types of vehicles for drivers to drive? While newer vehicles are often safer to drive than older vehicles, the risk of injury or death is still present, especially when it is a frontal or side-impact collision. Equally important to driver survival rates as point of impact, the type of vehicle plays a considerable role in protecting the driver from serious injury or death in an accident.

In multiple-vehicle accidents, frontal impacts are the deadliest for drivers of passenger cars. In 2016, there were 441 fatalities caused by frontal impacts in passenger cars. By comparison, side impacts caused 194 fatalities and rear impacts caused 55 fatalities. Frontal impacts in pickups caused 106 fatalities, while side impacts caused 24, and rear impacts only 5. In SUV's, frontal impacts caused 130 fatalities, while side impacts caused 44 and rear impacts only 3. Overall, this data shows that SUV's are considerably safer than other vehicle classes.

Of vehicles that are one to three years old, there are approximately 1,165,000 mini vehicles on the road. In 2016, there were 71 deaths in these vehicles which gave them a rate of 61 per million cars which was the highest of all vehicle classes. There were 8,482,000 small cars which accounted for 442 fatalities and a fatality rate of 52 per million cars which make this the second deadliest class. The third deadliest was large passenger cars. As of 2016, there were 2,885,000 registered vehicles and 132 fatalities recorded for a fatality rate of 46 per million cars in this class.

In single-vehicle collisions, frontal impacts in pickups are the deadliest. These accounted for 77 fatalities in 2016 giving it a fatality rate of 12 per million trucks. These were followed by 246 fatalities caused by frontal impacts in passenger cars which gave the vehicle class a fatality rate of 10 per million vehicles. Of all vehicles involved in single-vehicle accidents, side impacts in SUV's were the most survivable with 19 fatalities recorded and a rate of 1 per million SUV's.

Large and very large SUV's were considerably safer, but not risk free. As of 2016, there were 1,858,000 large SUV's registered. Of these, there were 30 fatalities recorded for a fatality rate of 16 per million large SUV's. For very large SUV's, there were 384,000 registered SUV's, of which 6 accidents caused deaths for a fatality rate of 16 per million.

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