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Do Driver Assist Systems Place Motorists at Risk of Injury or Death?

Do driver assist systems in automobiles and trucks place motorists at greater risk of injury or death? What are government agencies doing to protect drivers and pedestrians from these risks? Driver assist systems are a vast number of new technologies designed to make driving safer. However, these systems may not provide the protection drivers expect. In many cases, they can place drivers at risk of serious injury, death, and the need for an auto accidents lawyer. For this reason, regulators are studying the technology to create regulations for their design, testing, and use in motor vehicles.

The Rise of Driver Assist Systems

The prevalence of driver assist systems is growing at a rapid rate. In 2014, more than 45 million systems were installed. That number rose to 50 million in 2016, and 52.6 million in 2017. It's estimated that by 2021, just under 59 million systems will be installed.

The Evolution of Autopilot

Autopilot systems are the original driver-assist device. However, these are antiques when compared to modern driver-assist systems. These newer systems can take over control of the vehicle's direction and braking. In theory, this helps protect drivers from distracted driving and other types of accidents. In practice, the systems have demonstrated that they have a long way to go until they are foolproof.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Raises Concerns

In August, the IIHS released a report that outlined the hazards of electronic driver-assist systems. The report showed that systems installed on Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, and other automobiles may fail to detect other vehicles on the road and have the potential to steer drivers into automobile accidents.

Alarmingly, the study determined that the active-lane assist features did not perform as marketed. In some tests, models manufactured by Mercedes demonstrated system failure at rates of between 50-75%. In these tests, the vehicles veered out of the lane of travel and into oncoming traffic lanes. The study also showed that the greater the level of autonomy, the higher the risk of causing an automobile crash.

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