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Do Dashcams Provide Usable Evidence?

Do dashcams provide evidence that can be used to pursue an accident settlement? How common are dashcams in the United States? There is an old adage that states the camera doesn't lie. Recorded video is a valuable piece of evidence in any automobile accident. While still relatively rare in the US, safety conscious drivers and an increase in insurance fraud is driving dramatic increases in dashcam sales.

Growing Prevalence of Cameras

Dashcam sales in the US are expected to surpass 285,000 units in 2018. This is a 20% increase from 2017. However, dashcams are still relatively rare in the US as compared to other nations. It is estimated that less than 1% of vehicles in the US are equipped with a dashcam. By comparison, in Russia, South Korea, and China, as many as 33% of cars are equipped with a dashcam.

Impartial Evidence that's Indisputable

Unlike witness testimony, there is little room for interpreting or impeaching the veracity of video recordings. Dashcams can see whether a motorist swerved and improperly entered the driver's lane. They can see if the driver suddenly applied their brakes, or backed into a motorist's vehicle. The camera also captures evidence from around the scene. These include the lighting conditions, traffic flow, presence of pedestrians, etc.

A dashcam can also capture the license plates of potential witnesses. These individuals can be subpoenaed to provide testimony. Video evidence establishes liability for the accident and provides an accurate record of the motorist's actions, and reactions, during the accident. This evidence can be presented and used to secure an accident settlement here in Kansas, or other surrounding states.

Countering Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud costs more than $34 billion per year. According to the National Highway Insurance Crime Bureau (NHICB), staged automobile accident fraud accounts for most of these losses. The NHICB estimates that $7.1 billion, or up to 21% of claims are paid to fraudsters. Accident fraud is responsible for between 10-25% of a driver's insurance premiums. This cost increases if the driver ends up with an accident on their record that they can't prove was caused by insurance fraud.

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