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Car Accident Injuries in Kansas: You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

A car collided with yours at high speed and your injuries are severe. Your medical bills are adding up quickly and your financial situation looks bleak. A long recovery process means no work and no income. You feel your life beginning to unravel, which causes stress that could complicate your healing. You believe you did nothing wrong and yet you feel under attack. The way you see things, the other driver is at fault and should be held responsible. You are the victim and you need help.

The best move you can make in this type of situation is to hire a personal injury attorney who has experience representing victims of car accident injuries. Think of the personal injury lawyer as your cavalry coming to the rescue by fighting on your behalf for your rights as a victim.

Kansas: Brad Pistotnik Law

Brad Pistotnik Law concentrates on helping people who are accident victims that involve autos, semi-trucks, and motorcycles. He has helped thousands of clients in Kansas receive millions of dollars in compensation. Mr. Pistotnik’s office is located in Wichita only on East 21st Street North, just east of Webb Road. Brad Pistotnik has served personal injury cases for over thirty years. He graduated from the KU School of Law in 1981. He also helped people in Garden City, Goodland, Hays, Liberal, Augusta, El Dorado, Dodge City, Hutchinson, Salina, Hugoton, Pratt, Topeka, Kansas City, all over the entire State of Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Missouri, Texas and Nebraska.

During his career, Brad Pistotnik has built a solid reputation for treating each case as if it was the only case his firm is working on. He and his staff will dedicate the resources needed to get you the results you need. They will build your case from the ground up, based on facts. Semi-truck, motorcycle and car accident injuries are often devastating and sometimes change lives forever.

Consider the following reasons for hiring Brad Pistotnik Law to advocate for you:

  • Experience – Brad and his staff will assess and advise you on the situation. They will interact with opposing lawyers and insurance companies, while recognizing opposition tactics.
  • Investigate –Brad Pistotnik will assemble a team of investigators to examine the case based on information you provide and evidence they gather.
  • Objectivity – you’ve been through a traumatic accident and trauma can blur the facts. Your attorney will retain objectivity, presenting facts calmly and clearly, while allowing you to make decisions in your best interest.
  • Complicated paperwork – injury cases are full of medical and legal terms, piles of paperwork that is confusing to laypeople, and complex processes that require experience to maneuver through.
  • Best Settlement or Verdict – some cases involving car accident injuries are resolved with a financial agreement and sometimes a trial is necessary. An experienced attorney will understand which option is in your best interest and how to gain appropriate compensation in either.
  • Peace of Mind is critical to your healing. When you hire an experienced firm like Brad Pistotnik Law you hire peace of mind. Remember, the client only pays for a winning case. The goal of Brad Pistotnik is to serve your best interest. They are passionate about fighting for your rights Call Brad Pistotnik Law anytime 24 hours a day at 1-800-241-BRAD, 316-684-4400 or on his cell at 316-706-5020 Learn your rights. You can also reach Tony Atterbury on his cell at 316-617-9237.