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Can Riding an E-Scooter Lead to a Kansas Car Accident?

kansas car accident

Can riding an electronic scooter cause a Kansas car accident? How often are e-scooters involved in fatal motor vehicle collisions? The number of e-scooters on the road has grown exponentially over the past decade. Private rental companies alone now operate more than 65,000 units on American roads. The industry is loosely regulated and many operators have little to no training in how to safely handle the e-scooter.

E-Riders Can Pose a Risk to Both Pedestrians and Drivers

E-scooter rental companies including Bird and Lime have recorded more than 20 million rides since their founding. The increasing prevalence of e-scooters, coupled with increased traffic, and combined with operator inexperience is creating a potentially deadly situation across the country. The incredible growth of the industry has created a situation where legislators don't know how best to regulate the industry, nor to regulatory bodies know how best to track the rates of accidents, injuries, and fatalities that are occurring.

What is known is that the first confirmed fatality for e-scooter use in the US was recorded in Texas in September, 2018. Similar to bicyclists, E-scooter operators have little to no protection against injury. Thus, they are highly susceptible to bone fractures, internal injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), and lacerations. Of those who are injured, nearly 40% suffer head and neck injuries.

Accidents Are On the Rise

Data is starting to trickle in. Some hospital rooms have reported a more than 161% increase in the number of emergency room visits involving e-scooter operators. Other indications show that e-scooters offered by sharing services are more than six times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than bikes offered via bike share programs. While the current known rate of fatal accidents involving e-scooters is just one fatality per 10.75 million rides, that number is certain to increase as the number of e-scooters and the number or riders soar faster than regulators can establish design, safety, and operating standards to protect users from personal injuries or wrongful death.

Injured in an E-Scooter-Related Car Accident?

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