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Can Older Cars be Retrofitted and Rendered Safer?

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Is it possible to add modern safety features to old cars? Can these safety features reduce the risk of automobile accidents? The average age of vehicles on the road is 11.8 years; this is up from 11.6 years just one year ago. As technology and quality improve, cars are enjoying a longer operational lifespan. However, technology is advancing at a rapid clip. This means that every year there are a bevy of new safety features added to make vehicles safer. In some cases, it is possible to retrofit older cars with modern safety features. However, not all features can be installed due to the complexities involved in re-engineering engine, brake, and other complex systems. When features can be installed they can improve safety protection, but they cannot match the safety offered by newer vehicles.

The Most Valuable Safety Features

One feature that can be added are forward collision warning systems. It's estimated these can reduce the possibility of a motor vehicle accident by as much as 23%. However, these systems are most effective when coupled with autonomous early braking (AEB) systems. The combination of the two reduces crash risk by up to 39%. Unfortunately, AEB cannot be installed on most older vehicles due to the complexities involved in integrating the system within the vehicle.

Blind spot cameras and backup cameras are relatively easy and inexpensive to install on older vehicles. At about $500, these systems are readily available and affordable. These significantly reduce the risk of rollover accidents and collisions with vehicles when changing lanes. In 2015, nearly 85,000 accidents and more than 55,000 injuries could have been prevented with the installation of lane departure systems. Studies have shown that these reduce the risk of sideswipes and head-on crashes by 11%, and the rates of injury by 21%. These systems can be installed on older vehicles at relatively little cost. However, many drivers choose not to because they decide it is not worth it to protect the value of the vehicle. With that decision, they ignore the protection it provides the most valuable element; the people within the vehicle.

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