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Can Helmets Reduce the Risk of Spinal Cord Injury?

spinal cord injuryCan a motorcycle helmet reduce the risk of a spinal cord injury? How does helmet design protect riders from suffering potentially paralyzing injuries? Helmet technology has improved to provide better protection for motorcyclists. However, that doesn't mean they provide complete protection from the risk of serious cervical spinal injuries. Indeed, these can occur in any motorcycle accident regardless of rider age, speed, helmet use, etc.

From 2010 to 2015, researchers in Wisconsin studied the protective capabilities of helmets in preventing cervical spinal cord injuries. A total of 1,061 motorcycle crash victims were studied to determine whether or not helmet use during a motor vehicle accident provided adequate protection against spinal cord injuries including whiplash. Of those within the study, 738 were not wearing helmets at the time of their accident. The remaining 323 were wearing helmets. The data showed that those who wore helmets had a much lower risk of cervical spinal cord injuries than those who were not wearing helmets.

Of those within the study, 15.4% of those not wearing helmets suffered a spinal cord injury. By comparison, 7.4% of those wearing helmets suffered injury to the spinal cord. 10.8% of those without helmets broke at least one bone within their neck. Conversely, only 4.6% of those wearing helmets broke a bone. Thus, it's clear that wearing a helmet does not cause spinal cord injuries as many popular myths claim. The data shows that wearing a helmet can cut the risk by nearly 50% which means that they do provide significant, but not complete protection from such injuries.

The research conducted in Wisconsin confirms results gathered in previous studies conducted by Johns Hopkins University. That study examined 40,588 motorcycle accidents between 2002 and 2006. The research showed that helmeted riders had a significantly lower proportion of cervical spinal injuries than non-helmeted riders in the United States. Overall, Johns Hopkins determined that riders who wore helmets and suffered an injury suffered a less-severe injury than motorcyclists who were not wearing a helmet at the time of their accident.

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