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Can Defensive Driving Prevent Teen Driving Accidents?

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Can defensive driving reduce the risk of an automobile accident involving a teenage driver? Is it worth the investment of time and money to receive formal driver's education training on how to drive defensively? While available to anyone, most teens who take defensive driving courses do so to receive discounts on automobile insurance or as part of plea agreements in order to reduce fines and sentences for traffic violations. The courses are short and effective. Most involve 20 hours of classroom instruction and 5-6 hours of behind-the-wheel monitoring. Some studies have shown they reduce the rates of recidivism and future accident risk by as much as 50%.

About Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving courses teach students how to improve their analysis and reaction to events on the road. These courses provide education on how to:

  • Scan the road and search for potential problems.
  • Identify the risk a vehicle, pedestrian, or obstruction poses.
  • Predict the movement of a vehicle, pedestrian, or animal.
  • Decide how to respond to a potential threat.
  • Execute maneuvers that will minimize the risk of collision.

The Positive Impact of Defensive Driving Classes

Studies have shown improvement in student's ability to search, identify, predict, decide, and execute maneuvers following formal training. In particular, these courses sharpen decision making skills. These programs are most effective with teen drivers. Studies at the University of Nebraska examined drivers who received licenses from 2003 through 2010.

The study showed that 11.1% of teen drivers who completed driver's ed were involved in accidents, compared to 12.9% of those who were not. 2.1% of teen driver's who completed driver's ed were involved in fatal accidents, compared to 2.6% of non-graduates. In regard to moving violations, 10.4% of driver's ed graduates received tickets for moving violations which was nearly half of the 18.3% of non-graduates who were cited by law enforcement. The data shows that driver's ed courses can teach young drivers how to drive defensively. This reduces the risk, but it is clear that education and supervised practice doesn't eliminate the possibility of a motor vehicle accident altogether.

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