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What Are the Deadliest Roads in Kansas?

What are the deadliest roads in Kansas? What should drivers do to remain safe when navigating these hazardous highways and byways? Deadly roads cross the state, and many seemingly innocuous journeys can place motorists at considerable risk of death. Avoiding danger on these roads requires motorists to stay alert for road construction, reckless drivers, and other road hazards. And, whenever possible, avoiding dangerous roads altogether.

Deadly Roads in Kansas

Kansas has some pretty dangerous roads. US Highway 70 is the most dangerous highway in Kansas and has a fatality rate of .5, according to data gathered from the NHTSA and Federal Highway Administration as calculated by Geotab, a fleet tracking and management company. According to the Kansas City Star newspaper, one particular curve of the I-70 was deemed “suicide curve” by a local resident who witnessed a number of accidents on it over the years. Though the funding isn’t available to fix this sharp curve, it’s been suspected that speeding was the cause of many of these crashes, as the posted signs near the curve is for 35 mph.

Mile for mile, urban roads in Kansas are more dangerous than rural roads. However, both have significant fatality rates, and motorists should not relax their guard when leaving major cities and heading into the countryside.

Rural roads in Kansas can be incredibly dangerous as well. Rural non-interstate roads in Kansas are the ninth deadliest in the U.S, and 35 percent of them are in poor condition. This is important to understand and work to protect, as many farmers and travelers use rural roads to access their daily needs.

What Makes Certain Roads More Dangerous Than Others?

There are many factors that can make a road dangerous to motorists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. These factors include road construction zones, poor road conditions, weather, the prevalence of traffic or wildlife, and road design. Any one of these factors can increase the risk of an accident; a combination of these factors can make a crash even more likely.

Motorists can't eliminate the risk of an injury or fatality causing accident. However, drivers can reduce the odds. Avoiding roads with a high accident rate is a good first step. Additionally, when possible, drivers can alter the times of day when they are on the road. Starting work just 30 minutes earlier or later can help drivers avoid "rush hour" and the many hazards this creates. Similarly, drivers should avoid driving during hazardous periods, including holidays and between the hours of 1-3 am. Practicing good driving habits, such as obeying the posted speed limit and steering clear of those who don’t, can also be help keep you safe.

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