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No one wants to be in the position to need a law firm. But in the case of injury or wrongful death, you need to consult with an attorney who is well-versed in local state and local laws that can guide you to the resolution you deserve.

When to Hire a Law Firm:

People, who have been involved in an accident are confident that their insurance company will compensate them in an appropriate manner. While this is often the case when the accident results in minor injuries, you should seek out an attorney for consultation if the case is more serious.

According to the DMV, you should consult with a lawyer when involved in a car, truck or other commercial vehicle, motorcycle, railroad or bike accident that results in:

· Severe injuries

· Extensive medical and rehabilitation bills

· Significant loss of wages due to injuries

· Long-term or permanent injuries

· Wrongful death

Vehicular accidents are not the only time you should consider consulting with a law firm specializing in personal injury. Injuries that happen due to neglect include:

· Nursing home negligence that leads to injury

· Medical malpractice

· Workplace, construction, and refinery site injuries

· Premises liability accidents, including accidental drowning

· Slip and fall injuries

· Defective and recalled products

· Serious dog or pet bites and attacks

Many insurance companies have their best interest in mind. To lower costs they hope to resolve accident payouts quickly, reduce compensation, or deny the claim entirely. Having an accident or personal injury attorney helps you efficiently file claims and get you the best settlement possible in an expedient manner.

What to Look for In a Law Firm:

Here are few tips to consider when hiring a personal injury attorney:

· The key area of practice should be personal injury cases

· They should be well-versed in the state and local laws, such as statute of limitations—which varies depending on state

· The law firm should have a pristine reputation and proven track record in achieving top settlements

· Make sure the attorney’s case load isn’t overly full to make sure they have time to dedicate to your case

· The law firm should have longevity to ensure they will be there with you from beginning to the end of litigation

Your “Go To” Resource for Personal Injury Cases in the Wichita Area:

If you are in Wichita or the surrounding area, you are fortunate that Brad Pistotnik Law is right in your neighborhood. Brad’s focus is on personal injury cases that result in serious injuries leading to paralysis, coma, amputation, or death. Because he specializes in this industry, he has a plethora of knowledge and experience that will get you a top settlement for your injuries.

Brad Pistotnik has been practicing law since 1981, so you know he will be a dedicated partner throughout your case. While he primarily practices law in the Wichita area he also practices law in other states, representing clients in Illinois, New Mexico, Virginia, Missouri, Texas and others. His main areas of practice include:

· Kansas City

· Dodge City

· Garden City

· Newton

· Topeka

· Great Bend

· McPherson

· Abiline and others

24/7 Brad Pistotonik Law is there for You:

Brad understands that you can’t predict when an accident will happen so he is available 24/7. He can be reached at 800-241-BRAD, 316-684-4400 or on his cell at 316-706-5020.

When you need a law firm to protect you, contact Brad Pistotnik Law.