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How is an attorney that will fight for me in Wichita, Kansas? Brad Pistotnik has been helping injured people in Kansas and across the United States for over 30 years. Being involved in a car accident is tragic enough. Right now, you're looking for help and someone who cares about your situation. It can be overwhelming dealing with the medical hurdles that come with an accident.

-Finding the right doctor

Many people learn after an accident that all doctors are not professionally alike. Not only do you want a doctor with extensive experience, but you want them to be skilled enough to take care of your specific injuries and accident aftermath problems. You have to realize that many doctors work for the defense side and do occupational medicine for workers compensation. They do not help plaintiffs and will not help you. We know the doctors that are not defense doctors and who are compassionate and sympathetic. They will try to advocate for you like we advocate for you. If you don't have a lawyer and a doctor who cares or only one of the two then you will be missing half of what you need to prove your case. Good lawyers know good doctors who help. Many smaller firm lawyers have very little contact with or connection to good hospitals, surgeons, neurologists and other specialists who will change your life and help you.

-Dealing with the insurance company

It can be exhausting to deal with the insurance companies after an automobile accident. Many times they are just trying to find a way to pay the lowest compensation they can. It can be unbelievable how a person can continually pay their insurance and now that it is needed, there seems to be every excuse in the book being thrown at you. You are already dealing with enough, so let a highly qualified car accident attorney handle the rest. The insurance companies know Brad Pistotnik Law, because he fights for every dollar his client's deserve.

-Medical Bills

It can be a major concern if medical expenses begin to rise. Many car accidents result in traumatic injury depending on the severity. Kansas is a "No-fault" state. This means that your PIP benefits under your own insurance policy pay at minimum the initial $4,500.00 of your medical bills. After this, you must bring a claim to the other person's insurance. The claim is put together and consists of all the issues that come with an accident including...

-pain and suffering
-loss of enjoyment of life
-loss of time

This is why it is essential to keep a record of everything and express the pain you are feeling.

What You Must Decide

In this delicate time, it is essential to get an accident attorney. Here are some things to consider.

Settlement Lawyer VS. Trial Lawyer

It's important to understand that you deserve the most for your accident. By hiring a settlement lawyer, your chances of a high return is very low. You see, they are lawyers who settle cases quickly and efficiently. A trial lawyer who is skilled will represent you. They will take all the pain and anguish that you are going through and build up a case with documentation and other evidence. Each case is different and a trial lawyer should know how to present it. Brad Pistotnik Law has a team of dedicated lawyers who will help you. Brad Pistotnik has an excellent record as a trial lawyer and works hard for you and your family.

Brad Pistotnik Law fights for the injured victims and not the insurance companies. Brad Pistotnik has helped many people in Wichita, Newton, Hutchinson, Hays, Colby, Lakin, Satanta, Ulysses, Wichita, Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal, Salina, Wellington, and more. There have been several accidents along I-70, I-35, and Highway 50 due to negligence and careless driver. Innocent drivers can get severely injured. Don't go it alone! With Brad Pistotnik Law, you won't be. You can reach them anytime at 800-241-BRAD or at 316-684-4400. Brad Pistotnik can be reached at 316-706-5020. Brad Pistotnik listens and can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also call Tony Atterbury at 316-617-9237, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.