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Are Truck Drivers Liable for Unsecured Loads?

Big rig carrying unsecured load

Are truck drivers liable for unsecured loads? Can unsecured cargo be a factor that can lead to big rig collisions? Truck drivers have a responsibility to ensure the cargo they transport is properly secured. If cargo is not sufficiently secured, it can shift during transport. This can cause a commercial truck driver to lose control over the vehicle. Loose cargo can also spill into the roadway. When either of these events happen, truck drivers can be held liable for the accidents, personal injuries, property damage, and wrongful deaths that may occur.

Big Rig Collisions Are a Leading Cause of Traffic Fatalities

Research conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in 2016 showed that more than 200,000 motor vehicle accidents occur each year as a result of debris within the roadway. These accidents caused 39,000 personal injuries and more than 500 fatalities between 2011 and 2014. Of the accidents that caused fatalities, 37% were caused when drivers swerved in an attempt to avoid debris in the roadway.

There are many reasons that a load may not be properly secured. These include overloading of a commercial vehicle, or failing to adhere to established safety standards. Reasons can also include ignoring cargo handling requirements and failure to properly balance the load within the truck bed or trailer. Other causes can include worn or damaged straps, broken hinges on trailer doors, or aggressive driving behaviors that cause the load to detach from fasteners and fall from the vehicle.

When Are Unsecured Loads the Most Dangerous?

Interstate highways were the most common location for accidents caused by debris in the roadway. The risk is greatest for vehicles with open beds as the increased flow of air over the vehicle can dislodge a load and deposit it within the roadway. Further, at higher speeds following motorists have less time to react to the debris. This can cause them to over correct in an attempt to evade the obstruction, swerve into other vehicles, or crash directly into the debris. At high speeds, even light cargo can become a deadly projectile that can crash through windshields and cause serious injuries to the vehicle's occupants.

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