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Accidents: Scary, Painful, and Often Devastating

Auto accidents are frightening. Sometimes they can change your life. One moment you’re driving down the highway like you’ve done hundreds of times before, when your world suddenly erupts into a terrifying symphony of crashing metal, shattering glass, and overwhelming confusion.

Work accidents, equipment malfunctions, dog bites, or a doctor’s mistake can also turn your life into a different direction in a split second. All types of circumstances, some unforeseen and some predictable, can quickly change an ordinary day into an ordeal that may result in a few stitches or develop into a life-threatening situation.

Accidents are always an unexpected surprise. Only this surprise contributes to the fear and confusion and leaves you, as the victim, unsure of what to do. When you are seriously injured by the actions of another, the number one action you should take is seeking the counsel of accident injury lawyers. In Wichita, Kansas, hundreds of accident victims have chosen Brad Pistotnik Law.

Pistotnik Law’s Mission

The accident injury lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law focus on helping clients who are victims of the negligence of another. That other may be a person, company, or any other entity guilty of wrongdoing. Mr. Pistotnik is a respected attorney with a solid reputation for helping his clients win their cases resulting in millions of dollars of compensation.

Brad and his staff have earned their high level of respect by making each case one of central importance and treating each client with the most top priority. Mr. Pistotnik’s accident injury lawyers will gather the facts they need to build your case and get you the compensation you need based on your injuries.

Brad Pistotnik Law Offices: Locations Served

Brad’s office is in Wichita, Kansas where he has helped accident victims fight for their rights for over thirty years. Mr. Pistotnik also helps the people of Garden City, Goodland, Liberal, Kansas City, Augusta, El Dorado, Dodge City, Topeka, and every other city in the State of Kansas. He also represents accident victims in the neighboring state of Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Don’t let the terror and confusion of an accident stop you from fighting for your rights. Consulting accident injury lawyers will help you maneuver through the aftermath regardless of the damage. You can bet the negligent party will have skilled attorneys opposing your case. You need that same level of competence on your side.

The clients of Brad Pistotnik Law pay only for a win and Brad and his staff take great pride is helping you win. Their continued reputation depends on their results. Let them help you fight for justice. You can reach help anytime by calling one of the following numbers:




Tony Atterbury at 316-617-9237.