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An Accident Lawyer To Get You Closer To Your Compensation

Car and auto accidents happen at the most unexpected moments. They can throw everything into a disarray within the twinkle of an eye. At this low moment, the least your insurance company can do is fully and promptly pay for your pain and suffering. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Some insurance companies will take you around in circles and leave you with minimal compensation. An accident lawyer is your best bet when it comes to getting what you deserve.

Get the legal representation you need from Brad Pistotnik Law. Brad has spent over 30 years working on auto accident compensation cases. He has established a name for himself in Wichita, Kansas as an experienced lawyer who is highly sought by victims of auto accidents, be it cars, trucks, motorcycles or commercial motor vehicles and tractor-trailer accident victims.

Your Compensation will be delivered promptly

The timing of your compensation is just as crucial as the amount. What is the point of receiving compensation after years of suffering? The first few weeks and months after an accident are the most important and establish whether you will get properly paid for your personal injuries and damages. If you do not get immediate and excellent medical care you can lose your case quickly. If the insurance fails to pay on time, you still have to worry about your medical costs on top of the suffering caused by your injuries.

Brad will do all he can to ensure that you’re compensated as fast as possible. Although we cannot place an exact timeline due to the details of each case, Brad typically delivers results within months. Once you present your case, the process starts right away so you can receive compensation as soon as possible. Of course, some cases take longer and if the insurance company denies your case and we sue the defendant, the faster the case is on file, the faster you may get paid your compensation.

Comprehensive Knowledge of the Law

With over three decades in the legal field, Brad has acquired vast knowledge of the laws related to auto accidents and their compensation. Insurance companies will dodge compensation or at least reduce it to a bare minimum by using clauses regarding statutes of limitation, assumption of risk, comparative negligence, and causation and so on. In addition, the laws differ from one state to the other.

Brad has grasped these laws comprehensively after years of experience. He will be looking out for you, to ensure that they’re not used against you. Nothing is left to chance. Your case is scrutinized to the last detail in order to get you what is rightfully yours.

You’re more than a Client

You will be pleased to learn that once Brad picks up your case, he will provide you with his cell phone number so you can access him directly. Despite his legal prowess, he remains friendly and approachable.

An accident affects everything around you. Your health, family, job, finances, your entire livelihood, hangs in the balance. It is not just any lawyer that you’ll want to engage with during this time. Brad understands that this is a difficult moment for anyone. Even before the legal matters, he will speak to you as a friend seeking to understand the impact of the accident in your life. You will be at ease to open up to him even on personal issues.

If you’re looking for an accident lawyer in Wichita, Dodge City, Garden City, Liberal, Salina, Arkansas City, Hays, Ulysses, Satanta, Kansas City, Topeka, Coffeyville, Independence, Hays, Colby and the surrounding areas, Brad Pistotnik Law is where you need to be. If you’re worried about the legal fees, note that you don’t have to pay a penny if you don’t receive compensation and get a recovery. Brad’s clients have collectively received millions of dollars in compensation. Make that call today and you can soon be one of them.

You can call the firm at the well known number of 1-800-241-BRAD or the local number of 316-684-4400 or call Brad Pistotnik on his cell at 316-706-5020 or Tony Atterbury on his cell at 316-617-9237. Our office is at 10111 E. 21st St. N, Ste. 204, Wichita, Kansas 67206.