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Head injuries are known as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), closed head injuries or concussion. Car accident victims in Wichita Kansas only have a few choices for treatment when you have a substantial head injury or TBI. Step one in a car accident is to diagnose the appropriate symptoms and injuries which you have. Head injuries are hard to diagnose. If you don’t have a bleed or fracture showing up on a CT scan it is likely that the doctors will not appropriately or correctly diagnose you.

What are the symptoms of a head injury? Symptoms of a closed head injury include fatigue, lethargy, blurry vision, ringing in the ears, photophobia or black spots in your vision, change in taste, change in smell, headaches, migraines, change in mood, personality swings, hostility, depression sleep, sleeping all the time and being tired, being unable to sleep and problems with memory are the most common of the symptoms associated with a closed head injury.

If you are a personal injury victim that went to an emergency room where the doctor did not diagnose you with a closed head injury, but you have symptoms that are shown similar to the above paragraph, you may want to immediately see your family physician and determine whether that doctor can tell if you have a closed head injury. Your family doctor still may not be able to diagnose that you have a head injury. If you have a head injury from an accident, the problem in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas is that many of the doctors are not trained to deal with head injuries so they just tell you to wait and hope that it goes away. The problem with waiting is that the insurance company will consider later treatment to be unrelated to your case. Thus, it is extremely important that you continue to seek treatment for these types of symptoms until you reach a neuropsychologist or neurologist that can appropriately diagnose your head injury.

Many doctors in Wichita Kansas and the surrounding small towns do not want to be involved in a car accident case. It is easier to tell you to rest and come back as needed. A doctor that is knowledgeable and compassionate will recognize that you should have a battery of tests performed on you that may indicate whether you have a change in your premorbid status which means the status of your mental functioning prior to the accident.

Remember that the lack of a bleed or cranial fracture does not mean that you don’t have a closed head injury. It only means that you do not have a fracture or a bleed. The best type of scan to determine whether you have closed head injury is a PET scan. The second best way to diagnose a closed head injury is through a trained neuropsychologist who can clinically evaluate you and test you to determine the level of injury to your head.

How do how do you find an experienced personal injury attorney that can help you with your head injury arising from a car accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall or other traumatic injury? The best way to find an attorney that his experience with head injury work is to ask the attorney whether or not they have any current medical textbooks or literature on neuropsychology or on closed head injuries. If they cannot point you immediately to an article on their computer or a textbook that they usually refer to in their library, it is doubtful that they have factually dealt with the head injury medical portion of a case. Brad Pistotnik at Brad Pistotnik Law in Wichita, Kansas has handled more than 100 head injury cases in his career. Brad Pistotnik can send you to trained neurologists and neuropsychologists in Wichita Kansas or across the State of Kansas and Missouri. In Kansas, there are only a handful of trained neuropsychologists that will deal with car accident victims. The cost of having an evaluation done can be as high as $5000.00 or more. It is important that your lawyer has the necessary resources to pay for expensive independent medical examination for a determination that you have a traumatic brain injury or closed head injury. If the lawyer is unwilling to spend $5000.00 to have an independent medical examination done then you may need a different lawyer.

Motorcycle accident injury victims with head injuries and car accident victims with traumatic brain injuries can have problems with thinking that include changes in personality as well as problems with long-term and short-term memory. In many cases, the family members of the injured victim will see the changes in the personal injury victim, but the person who has the head injury is not self-aware and does not recognize the changes. It is important that you ask your family members to tell you if they have noticed a change in your personality since the accident.

These injuries can happen whenever your head is whipped violently back and forth from a car accident or when a motorcycle victim is thrown to the ground. Slip and fall victims can easily strike their head and lose consciousness resulting in a closed head injury that never goes away.

When your brain is sloshed or bounced in one direction or another in a rapid manner that is called coup or contrecoup head injury. You can ask your doctor if they understand what a contrecoup or coup head injury is. If they are unable to tell you what these terms mean it should tell you that they are not trained in diagnosing closed head injuries or traumatic brain injuries.

When can Brad Pistotnik Law help you with your head injury accident? Brad Pistotnik has experience and training to be able to help determine if you have a closed head injury from your accident. You can get to Brad quickly by calling 800-241-BRAD. You can also reach Brad Pistotnik on his cell phone at 316-706-5020 at any time. You should call Brad as soon after an accident as you can to talk about what your symptoms are so that appropriate medical care can be given to you. Please remember that in Kansas, the personal injury protection and no-fault system, makes your car insurance the primary medical insurance at the start of the case. Once you run out of personal injury protection benefits then you must use your secondary insurance. We can help you find an appropriate doctor with experience in neuropsychology and head injuries to help treat you.

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