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8 ways to know if you have a lawyer that understands tractor-trailer injury accidents.

1. Ask the lawyer or attorney handling your tractor-trailer accident if they have any of the management edition books and treatises written by the Smith System or the JJ Keller and Associates publications and videotapes or discs in their personal library? If they don’t, this means that they likely have no idea how to properly litigate a tractor-trailer case.

2. Ask your lawyer the simple question of what are the BASICS. If the lawyer doesn’t know what the word BASICS means, then this means the lawyer has no experience of any kind in handling cases involving the FMCSR and the DOT regulations, which are prescribed to make trucking companies and motor carriers stay in line. The BASICS are a system developed in 2010 that study variables and factors relating to the safety of the commercial motor vehicle drivers and motor carrier safety history, including the hours of service, maintenance on vehicles, driver fatigue and many other factors that are used to regulate the motor carrier industry.

3. Ask the lawyer if they can tell you what part 395 means? This is a part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that deals with the specific topic of hours-of-service regulations for drivers of tractor-trailers and is written to prevent fatigued drivers from killing and injuring innocent motorists and personal injury victims.

4. Ask the lawyer the specific name of their safety expert that they use for a tractor-trailer accident and for a copy of the CV. If they can’t produce one to you immediately, this means they don’t have an expert that they regularly use.

5. Ask the lawyer what the name of their accident reconstruction expert is and for a copy of their CV. If they cannot immediately produce one and this means they don’t have one that they regularly use.

6. Ask the lawyer what the name of their economist is and ask for a copy of their CV. Again, if they can’t produce one, this likely means that they don’t regularly use economists to project damages and losses. A lawyer that does not use economists to project losses means that they do not deal with high value damage cases.

7. Ask the lawyer the names of the 3 biggest trucking companies that they have sued and what the results were. Ask them if they actually took any depositions by videotape or otherwise and if so, to show you briefly the deposition of the safety director for the company and the Vice President of safety for the company. If they can’t produce a deposition like this, then it means that either the attorney has never taken a deposition of a safety director or Vice President of safety or the lawyer might explain they cannot show the deposition to you because of a confidentiality agreement.

8. Ask the lawyer if they have a book called Fleet Management Pro and ask the lawyer if they have a manual called FMCSA Compliance Manual in their office library. If your lawyer doesn’t have the manuals and/or doesn’t know what you are asking about this means that they likely don’t have any idea how to practice the law as it relates to understanding the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and suing on tractor-trailer cases to get regulatory violations against the motor carrier for negligent hiring, negligent training, negligent supervision, negligent qualification and negligent training.

If you are sitting in a lawyer’s office and they cannot answer any of the 8 questions stated above, then you likely should leave and find a lawyer that understands these regulations and books. Brad Pistotnik Law and our four lawyers know and understand these complex and difficult industry manuals on regulations that affect the motor carrier industry. We litigate all the time against the biggest law firms in the country on tractor trailer and motor carrier injury cases for bodily injuries, wrongful death and serious catastrophic losses. Every one of these cases takes the lawyer and law firm hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars to build. If your lawyer cannot or will not spend $100,000 out of their pocket to build a case for you, then you have the wrong lawyer.

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Our office address is located at 10111 E. 21st St. N., Suite 204, Wichita, Kansas, KS 67206. Brad opened his first law firm in 1983 and was known as Bradley A. Pistotnik, P.A. and generically known as Pistotnik Law or Pistotnik Law Offices. In 2014, Brad moved to a new office renaming the firm, Brad Pistotnik Law, P.A. so that he could concentrate on the area of law that he knows best; tractor-trailer litigation and car accident and motor vehicle litigation.

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