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How do you find a personal injury attorney or lawyer that understands what the value of a motor vehicle accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident where the injured personal injury victim has a degloving injury ripping skin from the person’s body and the subsequent need for skin grafting? You have to look for an experienced attorney like the lawyers and attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law.

Many catastrophic auto accidents and truck accidents can rip the skin from a person’s arms and legs or stomach and back when a degloving of the skin occurs. A degloving injury is where a severe accident has occurred and the patient has an avulsion where a large section of skis is completely torn off which severs the blood supply to the skin. These usually affect the arms and legs but can also include the entire torso where the accident is catastrophic.

When this happens, the person suffers a horrific amount of pain-and-suffering. Most injured plaintiffs have to go through wound care at a hospital and can easily develop an infection. These types of horrible injuries require the patient to have skin grafting from other parts of their body. Many times, this leaves scarring that is too graphic to imagine and can cause unbearable mental anguish for the victims. If you have been in a truck accident, car accident or motorcycle accident where you skin was torn off or degloved, then you understand how painful it can be.

When you have an accident in Kansas it is important that you be seen at one of the best wound care centers in Wichita, Kansas City or Topeka because smaller towns and cities do not have excellent skin grafting and wound care procedures. Some of these hospitals are like Wesley Medical Center, Via Christi St. Francis, Stormont Vale Regional Medical Center in Topeka and KU Med Center in Kansas City.

One of the cases that I recall vividly is where a truck driver was driving across country and stopped at a truck stop. Another fatigued driver actually drove over him in the parking lot, dragging him many feet across the asphalt ripping the skin from his legs and arms. The pain was unbearable. He had to go through dozens of skin grafting procedures and still was left badly scarred. Another case that I recall was where a little boy who had his legs dangling from the side of a hayride had the negligent farmer drive the hayride trailer into a metal post ripping and degloving the skin from his leg almost severing the leg. He spent months and months in rehabilitation wound care and still has highly visible scars. These will remain with him for life and he will always be scarred.

When you have had such a catastrophic injury as a degloving which means that the skin is actually torn from your body, immediate wound care and antibiotics is absolutely necessary. Usually, you will treat this with a skin graft. A skin graft is a piece of healthy skin which is removed from another area of your body to repair the damaged or missing skin. Skin flaps can contain skin and fat as well as muscle. It depends on the depth of the degloving injury. Many times a doctor will have a flap moved to a new site and the blood vessel has to be surgically reconnected. This is known as a free flap.

Skin flap surgery also called graft surgery is performed when wounds are too big to heal on their own. They are also performed when there is skin loss like a motorcycle rider laying a bike over and degloving the skin on the arms and legs. When a skin graft surgery is performed, the doctor has to make sure that they have an appropriate donor site so that the skin will match the area of the wound. Many times these areas develop cellulitis and doctors who don’t believe in antibiotics allow the area to become highly infected which can them to lead to sepsis and death. If your child or loved one has a skin injury from an auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or other type of injury, it is absolutely necessary that you watch over the doctors and wound care specialists because they may not know what they are doing and they may not treat properly which will then result in the potential for a loss of a limb or death.

Many skin graft procedures require a vacuum dressing where the tube is attached to the dressing. When the tube is not properly connected it can lead to further complications. Whenever your pain increases it is a very serious sign which requires immediate medical care. If you live in or near the Wichita area you should immediately go to an emergency room where you can be seen by a specialist in wound care that will normally call in a wound care doctor as well as a plastic surgeon.

Skin grafts are used in order to help treat a partial-thickness or a full thickness burn to the skin and the doctor will use excision or debridement followed by skin grafting. The doctor will usually use an autograft from the patient from an area such as from the buttocks and the upper thighs. Unfortunately, for female personal injury victims, this can lead to embarrassing scars for the remainder of your life.

When there is not enough useful skin from the patient’s own the doctors will have to turn to skin banks which are similar to blood banks. Obviously, these types of donor skin treatments called allografts create additional areas of concern because of infection concerns and worries about the body’s immune system causing possible rejection.

Recently, biotechnology has been able to create artificial membranes and high-tech skin grafts which are called cultured epithelial autographs (CEA). In this type of situations skin cells come from the patient and they are not rejected by the body’s immune system. They form a permanent new skin layer. In order to make these highly technical skin grafts the biotech companies have to use products and materials from animals including collagen and chondroitin.

If you or your loved one has suffered a severe injury from a motor vehicle collision, car accident, semi-accident, pedestrian and vehicular accident, motorcycle accident or farm related and construction site type injuries you need to have an attorney that understands the area of personal injury law that relates to skin graft injuries. Brad Pistotnik Law and its founder Brad Pistotnik, have worked on many cases over the years that involved complicated future medical plans and life care plans to help establish the future economic costs associated with treatment of these severe injuries. In the worst types of cases, the patient may have to undergo a series of skin grafts over a period of time including years, especially if the patient is a child.

At Brad Pistotnik Law we have a great deal of information to provide an injury client with so that they can understand how to seek the best medical care. Sometimes it is required that the patient travel out of Kansas to other locations to get higher level wound care.

Most accidents involving degloving injuries will involve hundreds of thousands of dollars of future medical care. If the patient develops an infection then there can be a loss of life resulting in a wrongful death case. There may be malpractice on the part of the health care providers in addition to the negligence of the driver of the vehicle that injured you. A skilled personal injury attorney will know how to find the best doctors and wound care treatment specialists who are not afraid of going to bat for the patient at court. Many of these types of doctors are afraid of lawyers and do not want to testify or write reports to help the patient at trial. Unfortunately, there are many more of these doctors who won’t help than the small percentage of physicians who actually care enough to stand up for their patient.

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