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Shoulder injuries, rotator cuff injuries and clavicle injuries. Auto, truck and motorcycle injuries as well as severe slip and falls and other traumatic accidents can lead to undiagnosed injuries in a person’s shoulder or shoulders. Oftentimes, the injured person will go to the hospital with a back and neck injury as well as bilateral shoulder injuries and the doctors will only treat the back or neck injury. When this happens, the insurance carrier may look at the lack of an x-ray or other radiological study at the initial emergency room visit and then complain that it is unrelated to your personal injury accident. This is a completely bogus argument that is developed by the SIU branch of the insurance carriers. It is widely known that doctors treat the main traumatic injury in the early and initial stage of an emergency room visit, often missing injuries to the extremities like shoulders, knees, feet and hands. This is why it is very important that you discuss each and every body part that is hurting the first time you go to the hospital so that the nurses, doctors and clinicians can appropriately assess and diagnose which body part was caused by your car accident or motorcycle accident.

The misdiagnosis of shoulder injuries in smaller rural towns like Dodge city, Garden City, Liberal, Hugoton, Goodland, Hays, Salina and Hutchinson as well as other smaller rural town hospitals is more frequent and will lead to the same problems with the insurance carrier. For this reason alone, if you recognize that you have a shoulder injury at the time that you are taken to the hospital and no x-ray or other radiological evaluation has been appropriately performed to assess the level of injury to your shoulder, you should immediately see your own doctor to talk to them about the problems that you have regarding your shoulder and tell them your symptoms with pain, numbness, movement or rotation.

Doctors and nurses are clinically taught to look for the history of the accident and the mechanism of injury. The mechanism of injury means a patient’s description of how their body was hurt in the initial accident by describing whether their shoulder struck or hit an object in the car, struck the side of the door or was otherwise jarred from the blunt force of the auto accident impact. Many auto accident injury victims will tense up and hold their arms straight, holding the steering wheel just before impact. This results in a transfer of the traumatic force of the accident which transfers into the patient’s body causing damage to areas of the shoulder such as the rotator cuff, clavicle, acromion, bursa, humerus, and scapula as well as to ligaments like the supraspinatus, infraspinatus and labrum.

If you do not have a broken bone, then the doctors have a difficult time in the initial assessment because finding and diagnosing the tendon and ligament damage can only be found by performing an MRI or using another more substantial diagnostic testing machine. The fact that a doctor or nurse told you that you were okay just because you don’t have a broken bone does not mean that you are normal and without injury. It just means that the initial radiological testing looking for a fracture came out with a normal finding.

How do you find good treatment for a shoulder, rotator cuff, or clavicle injury in Wichita, Kansas? When your car had significant damage from an auto accident or you been tossed from your motorcycle in a motorcycle crash it is highly likely that you could damage a bone or tendon and ligament in the shoulder. High-speed accidents typically lead to extremely traumatic outcomes. In Northern, Western and Southwestern Kansas in places like Salina, Hays, Colby, Goodland, Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal, Salina and other smaller towns across Kansas and Nebraska, it is known that the high-speed collision can cause multiple trauma to many portions of the body including the shoulders. As a lawyer, shoulder injuries appear to be one of the most misdiagnosed areas of the body from car accident victims. In many cases, I’ve seen truly injured clients who have gone to the hospital and the doctors only did an x-ray or CT scan of the neck or low back, completely disregarding injuries to any of the extremities like to the shoulders, knees, hands or feet. I’ve never been able to determine the reason that there are so many problems with hospitals misdiagnosing shoulder injuries and other extremity injuries but it occurs frequently enough that it is a well recognized problem. Insurance companies teach their adjusters to look for the same problem. The adjusters are taught to look at the emergency room records to see if there is an x-ray or other study done of the shoulder in the initial emergency visit. When no radiological study of the shoulder has been done at the first hospital visit, the insurance company adjuster will say there can’t be any injury since the doctor did not order an x-ray of the shoulder. This may be one of the dumber teachings of insurance companies to their insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters are not doctors, but they act like they have more medical training than a neurosurgeon.

What are the symptoms of a shoulder injury, rotator cuff injury or clavicle injury? Some of the symptoms of a shoulder or rotator cuff injury arise from damage to the internal ligaments. There is a lubricating sac called a bursa which is between the rotator cuff and the bone on top of your shoulder which is normally called the acromion. This is the system in your body that allows your arm to move freely. When it is uninjured you should be able to move your arm straight up and out at a 90 degree level to your body. You should also be able to move your arm backwards and have full rotational movement in your arm and shoulder. Once a severe injury occurs, then the rotator cuff tendons and the bursa can become very inflamed and painful causing a limitation in your ability to move your arm. If the injury is severe enough, you can have a tear to the rotator cuff area of the shoulder. You could have a tear into the infraspinatus muscle, the supraspinatus muscle or the Teres minor muscle. The doctors will evaluate the injury by looking for a partial tear or a full thickness tear which splits the soft tissue into two pieces. After a severe enough injury, the ligaments and tendons can tear off of the bones. If they are detached from the humerus you will have an extremely painful arm and rotational movement. In the event that you have this type of a tear you will be able to tell from the level of a burning pain in your arm. He will be able to recognize the fact that you cannot appropriately lie down nor will you be able to sleep comfortably on your arm. You can also have symptoms when lifting or lowering your arm with specific types of movement. You can have weakness when lifting or rotating your arm. Another major symptom or sign is where there is crepitus or crackling sensations and sounds when you move your arm in certain positions.

How can a shoulder injury, rotator cuff injury or clavicle injury be treated appropriately? The normal medical practitioner will first use clinical assessment in order to determine a differential diagnosis for problems that are focused in your shoulder. The problem is that you can have an injury to the neck which can cause shoulder problems. You can have an injury to the brachial plexus nerve bundle and have shoulder problems. You can have a fracture to a clavicle or the humerus and a fracture that needs surgical repair. One of the most difficult types of injuries are those which do not show a fracture immediately in the first emergency room x-ray and require an MRI to diagnose the soft tissue ligament and tendon damage that does not show up on x-ray. Doctors will normally use imaging tests starting with an x-ray. Subsequently, they can use magnetic resonance imaging studies also known as MRIs. The doctor normally will attempt to find the best way to help reduce pain and restore function in movement and rotation of your arm and shoulder. This may be done with anti-inflammatory medications. Sometimes, doctors will use a long needle to inject a steroid into the affected area of the shoulder. Physical therapy is usually the next step in treatment of these types of injuries. The doctor may give you temporary or permanent restrictions to avoid activities that cause shoulder pain such as restrictions that you not perform above the head lifting. If the steroid injection and the physical therapy do not work, the next stage is usually to talk about surgical options. Surgical treatment has progressed substantially in the past decade. You can now have arthroscopic surgery on your shoulder instead of opening the shoulder with a complete cut and separation of the muscles.

How do you find a good orthopedic doctor to repair a shoulder, rotator cuff injury or clavicle injury? Finding a truly artistic orthopedic surgeon with substantial experience and appropriate surgical skills can be a tricky thing. In rural Kansas there are many physicians who are supposedly trained to do adequate levels of shoulder operations and rotator cuff repairs. The problem has always been that the better doctors end up locating into major cities like Wichita Kansas, Kansas City or Topeka. Finding a referral to a good shoulder specialist is difficult. All doctors are not the same. All doctors do not have the same level of artistic skill when causing cuts to the skin and providing final suturing to minimize scarring.

You need to find someone that knows the doctors and is familiar with the level of their results. Accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers are in a unique situation that allows them to have the ability to have frequent consultations with clients who undergo shoulder surgery. The attorney is able to measure the results of the shoulder surgery by talking with the clients to determine how good an outcome they have. Additionally, attorneys that have been taught to practice medical malpractice have the ability to receive numerous phone calls from patients across the State of Kansas and Nebraska and speak to patients who have had a shoulder surgery with a bad outcome where the patient is seeking the advice of the lawyer to determine whether medical malpractice occurred. This allows the experienced trial attorney to reach conclusions that are based upon true observation of final outcomes after surgery. A good trial lawyer will be able to help the injured auto accident victim or motorcycle injury victim find a highly trained and experienced orthopedic surgeon who is capable of operating and having good results in the patient. There are many good orthopedic surgeons in the Kansas area. The problem that always occurs is the patient may or may not know how to find the appropriate doctor or the appropriate lawyer to help recommend a doctor with a better level of skills. Not all people are made the same. Not all doctors have the same level of talent. It is clear that if you choose the wrong doctor to operate on you then the final outcome of your return to a good medical condition following an accident is lessened. Once a bad surgery is performed, it is difficult to fix or repair the damage. It is critical that you have a good doctor repair your injury the first time so that you don’t have to go through multiple surgeries.

It is also important to remember that certain types of rotator cuff tears are so bad that they do not repair themselves on their own. The more rapid the treatment following an accident, the better off your final result will be. Many people are scared to have surgery and let the tears become larger and larger until it is too late to perform an arthroscopic repair. The normal old style surgery requires that the doctor fully open the entire shoulder and use sutures, staples and other types of securement to properly repair your shoulder. The faster you find a good doctor to repair your shoulder after an accident the better off you will be.

A good accident attorney will be monitoring your medical progress from day one of the first visit that you have with the lawyer. Insurance companies are always looking for gaps in treatment. Shoulder injuries are notorious for creating gaps in treatment due to the problems with diagnosing the shoulder injury at the start of the case. If the doctor fails to diagnose you initially at the hospital and then your family doctor allows you to go through weeks or months of therapy to your neck and no attention is brought to your shoulder, it is likely that your case will have to be litigated due to the problems that it causes with causation. In other words, you need to have both a good lawyer and a good doctor so that the medical and legal aspects of your shoulder injury arising from a car or motorcycle accident can be properly managed from the very start of the injury. It is essential that you get active care from day one following the initial traumatic car accident or motorcycle accident.

Accident attorneys and personal injury attorneys and lawyers like Brad Pistotnik Law are experienced and skilled at watching and observing their clients medical treatment to make sure that problems with gaps in treatment do not develop. Shoulder injuries are hard to detect and hard to diagnose. If you go to a “wait and see” type of doctor that is controlled by the insurance company protocols, your final outcome may be bad. This is why it is important that you have a highly skilled and experienced accident attorney or lawyer trained in recognizing medical injuries to the shoulder, rotator cuff or clavicle and get fast appropriate medical treatment from a qualified orthopedic surgeon with artistic talent.

How do you find an experienced accident attorney that knows how to handle car, cycle and truck accidents where a personal injury victim has a shoulder injury, rotator cuff injury or clavicle injury? If you are a motor vehicle accident victim that has had a traumatic injury to your shoulder, rotator cuff or clavicle arising from either a motorcycle accident, car accident, tractor-trailer accident or a slip and fall, it is very important that you have a lawyer that is highly trained in understanding medical terminology and who is connected with great doctors who have high levels of medical training and expertise in a specialized area involving the shoulder. Ask your lawyer about their knowledge base regarding injuries to the supraspinatus tendon, the infraspinatus tendon, the labrum, clavicle injuries and other forms of shoulder injuries. Take a look at their medical library to see if they actually have a medical library and ask them to provide you a book or an article that deals with the actual medical aspects associated with a traumatic injury to the shoulder. If you can’t find an immediate rapid response which makes sense, it is quite possible that that lawyer may have never dealt with an injury of this magnitude. Yes, anyone can learn if they study long enough. Do you want to be a guinea pig? You are always better served by experienced lawyers and doctors. When you go to an experienced trial attorney who has dealt with medical injuries over their lifetime from hundreds or thousands of injured clients, that lawyer will be able to help you find good specialized care for your shoulder that leads to a positive outcome for both your motor vehicle accident and your body.

When you meet with your lawyer after an accident you should immediately tell them about each specific symptom that you have as it relates to your shoulder injury. This will let the lawyer assess whether or not you’re going to a doctor that has sufficient expertise to treat you appropriately and who can get you back to your regular life in a more rapid fashion. Tell your lawyer, doctors and physical therapists the exact symptoms that you have so that each will be able to determine how they can help you. Clients who say that they hurt all over do not help the lawyer or the doctor diagnose the problem. The more detailed you are, the better off your case will come out in the end. Specifically, for your shoulder injuries, think about whether you have problems raising objects with your hand and arm. Think about whether you have problems with sleeping and other daily activities of living. Think about all the problems that you have with dressing, doing showering, bathing and toileting activities as well as other specific daily activities of living that only you can describe. For example, if you are a woman and have a shoulder injury, it is highly likely that you will have difficulty buttoning or hooking a bra. You may have difficulty doing overhead work for hairstyling and make up. There are many limitations that a woman will have with a shoulder injury that a man may not understand. Both men and women may have trouble doing work in factories that require overhead work such as line workers that are working at Beechcraft, Spirit, Cessna, Lear Jet and other aircraft manufacturers. The shoulder injuries are lifelong problems that need to be repaired as soon as possible. Describe your injuries in complete and specific detail as best you can.

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