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How do I find a good attorney or lawyer for my paralysis, numbness, tetraplegia, quadriplegia and paresthesias that developed after my car crash? Whenever someone has a car crash that results in damage to a nerve it may lead to permanent paralysis, numbness or paresthesias. Many patients do not get to the appropriate treatment in time to stop the developing numbness. It is essential that you be seen at a tertiary hospital with a first level trauma unit that has the ability to do an MRI, CT scan or PET scan, with or without contrast, so that you can determine what the accident has caused within your body and nervous system. The problem with getting this type of treatment is that many hospitals are controlled by the HCFA regulations and the newly released ICD-10 CPT codes. It seems as if some doctors and hospitals are more concerned with whether they are going to be paid than with helping the patient. The change in the ICD-10 CPT code system has presented a difficult situation to most doctors and hospitals.

When you are looking for an attorney or a lawyer that concentrates their practice in the medical-legal area which is related to auto accident crashes, tractor-trailer crashes, motorcycle crashes try to find a lawyer that has combined their legal experience in nursing home negligence and medical malpractice. This type of lawyer may have a better understanding of the need for a rapid diagnosis of the initial causal nexus to your motor vehicle accident. The first doctor that misses the correct diagnosis on a radiological scan will head you down a path of misery and frustration. When you are looking for this type of a lawyer you must make sure that the lawyer has a sufficient understanding of medicine and a medical library that the lawyer is able to comprehend and understand for your particular type of injury similar to the way your medical doctor is trying to diagnose you. Many practicing trial attorneys have the capability of understanding medicine due to age and experience. Once in a while you will find a lawyer who is trained both in medicine and law, but that is rare in the State of Kansas. Most trial attorneys handling auto accidents and truck accidents are self-taught by purchasing medical textbooks which the medical doctors study during their first 4 years of medical training. These types of lawyers will then typically purchase more specialized medical textbooks and become skilled in handling complex medical-legal scenarios.

If you found that the right type of lawyer, your lawyer should be able to rapidly make a copy of the particular medical treatise or article that deals specifically with your exact injury. Since the treatment of paralysis is difficult and there is no cure for paralysis, the early recognition of medical symptoms that will cause paralysis may assist you in not becoming permanently paralyzed. An example is provided by a case study where the doctor studied the patient from an accident with MRI and CT scans but was unable to tell that the patient had developed severe osteomyelitis or a bone infection that was eating away at the spine. While the lab tests and the radiological studies made it appear that the patient was getting better, the true level of the infection in the bone did not appear until a second doctor went in to open up the patient and visualize the injury under a scope. At that time, the doctor learned that the end-plates at L4 had crushed the L4 nerve root. The doctor and his assistant spent hours attempting to remove and extricate bone fragments and parts of the end-plates without disturbing the dura surrounding the nerve root. This is a very tedious procedure. The patient was lucky and was able to have a corpectomy performed where the infected bone was removed and a titanium cage was placed into the spine in order to stabilize the spine. The nerve root was saved. The patient did not end up permanently paralyzed.

In order for you to find an excellent orthopedic or neurosurgeon it is extremely important that you find a qualified lawyer that understands the same area or areas of the medical-legal practice. This will help you rapidly find the type of doctor that you need that may or may not be in Wichita. Sometimes you have to go to other major cities to find the particular specialist to help you.

What kind of treatment can I get for paralysis? There is no real cure for paralysis. It is either caught before it becomes permanent or you move on to the later stages of care. You may have to have health care providers prescribe mobility aids. Mobility aids can include wheelchairs which are either manual or electric and are designed for people with good upper body muscle strength. There is a recent type of wheelchair that is now known as a standing wheelchair. It allows the person to move in a standing position and helps to minimize decubitus ulcers and bedsores which otherwise may develop from lack of movement.

In some cases, people can use wrist-hand orthoses or ankle-foot orthoses. In certain circumstances a patient can have a knee-ankle-foot orthoses designed to help a person with tetraplegia which is paralysis of the lower limbs and is also known as partial quadriplegia.

Due to the recent technological advancements we now have environmental control units which are voice activated that allow a paralyzed person to utilize their voice to turn lights on and off or to activate devices within the house. Specially adapted computers have been developed to allow a person to be able to speak on a computer by using different types of software that allow voice translation to typed words.

Another common problem with paralyzed patients that have been in horrific and catastrophic car accidents is the issue of bladder and bowel control. Many patients end up having to have a catheter placed to manage a paralyzed bladder. When we switch topics to the bowel, there are several methods used such as bowel retraining and the use of enemas for injection of liquid into the rectum to help empty the bowel. In certain circumstances, a person will undergo a colostomy where the bowel is diverted and the feces are sent through a specific opening into a bag so that the patient is able to relieve bowel contents easily.

In many cases after a traumatic accident the patient will develop neuropathic pain which is caused by the nerve damage. Many doctors will wait an undue period of time hoping that the patient will return to a normal status. A well-known orthopedic surgeon that is board certified in the State of Kansas informed me that in many cases the insurance companies are refusing to allow the patient to get the necessary surgery fast enough to stop the damage to the nerve. Once the nerve is completely damaged it does not repair itself. A lawyer, along with your doctor, may be able to get a peer review approval of your needed surgery.

In certain areas of the country nerve graft surgeries are done to try to reconnect the area of damaged nerve root. However, these surgeries are expensive and many health insurance companies consider them experimental so they refuse to pay for them.

When patients have severe shoulder injuries in car and truck accident they can damage the brachial plexus nerve. These injuries go unnoticed for months and months and months. I recently had a client that had a clear brachial plexus injury who was being treated under the Worker’s Compensation system. The client needed to have an immediate independent medical examination to prove the nerve was damaged. The lawyer paid for the client to undergo an independent medical examination by a qualified neurosurgeon or neurologist to obtain an opinion that the brachial plexus nerve bundle was damaged and needed repair. Luckily for this particular client, the doctor rendered an opinion that the prevailing factor causing the brachial plexus nerve injury was the on-the-job accident and the patient was sent to a specialist at KU Med Center that operated to help try and restore function to the patient. Since nerves grow slowly, the patient is still in a healing stage, but will likely regain a good level of strength after the entire healing processes over.

Other problems that are associated with paralysis involve breathing difficulties. The patient may have damage to the diaphragm due to paralysis to the dome-shaped muscle that helps breathe. It may not work well after a traumatic accident. If the damage is bad enough the patient may require a ventilation device. You can use a negative pressure ventilator where the ventilator creates a vacuum which is a total lack of air around the lung and helps cause your chest to expand and pull to assist in breathing. Another type of ventilator is called a positive pressure ventilator where the ventilator pushes oxygen directly into the lungs. These are more widely used because they are smaller devices and more convenient.

Many patients may develop another problem that is a problem specifically associated with patients developing paralysis or partial paralysis. This is where they develop muscle spasms and spasticity. This means that the normal muscle becomes rigid or otherwise difficult to move and prevents you from appropriate movement and ambulation. Some of the treatments for this type of medical problem include the use of muscle relaxants or Botox injections. Another type of treatment for muscle spasms and/or rigidity is intrathecal baclofen therapy.

Regardless of the type of paralysis that you have it is the immediacy of treatment that is most important. If you don’t have health insurance or you have Medicaid state insurance it may be very difficult for you to get adequate care and treatment. This is why it is absolutely essential that you have an experienced trial lawyer that understands the medical-legal aspects of your case so that the lawyer can help point you in the right direction to try to limit or otherwise stop the development of paralysis. In some cases, the paralysis can develop immediately from trauma and in other cases the paralysis develops over a few weeks or months. Those latter cases are the ones that have the most chance of reversal by getting a qualified neurologist, orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon to help treat the affected body part.

When you are in a severe auto accident whether arising from a tractor-trailer accident, an extreme motorcycle accident, a pedestrian or vehicular accident, it is 100% essential that you get immediate treatment by excellent qualified doctors in a trauma setting. Most persons that are in this situation will end up going through a rehabilitation hospital to learn how to move, walk and ambulate again. Some injuries never get better. Many injuries can be healed by rapid excellent medical care. In the Kansas area and in Wichita you have Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital and Via Christi Our Lady of Lourdes Rehabilitation Hospital to go to. Many patients are flown out of state to places like the Craig Institute in Chicago and rehabilitation hospitals nearby in Denver. If you don’t have insurance, then you really need a lawyer so that you can help the medical doctors and hospitals determine a way to treat you while your accident case is developed.

In many cases, it is the first trauma doctor that you are given who decides your fate. Subsequent to that trauma doctor it is the level of quality of the specialist that decides the remainder of your fate and outcome. Trial lawyers are usually well acquainted with the best medical specialists in a multistate area where they can recommend different types of specialists to help get you the treatment that you deserve.

What are the symptoms of developing paralysis? Obviously, the moment that you start feeling tingling, numbness, a pins and needles feeling, a throbbing nerve type of pain or other sensations like the lack of the ability to feel your hands, legs, feet or arms then you have to immediately notify all health care providers of your clinical symptoms. The faster you do this, the more likely they can help you. Nerve damage can be treated if it is caught quickly. You may have injuries to discs in your spine or fractures to the vertebra and/or other major medical symptoms that affect your spinal cord and other nerve roots. The doctors can utilize the radiological studies such as the MRI, CT scan, myelogram, PET scan and nerve conduction tests in order to determine which nerve is damaged. Once the differential diagnosis has been arrived at and a final impression or conclusion has been made by your medical specialist then a plan can be developed for your treatment to try to avoid the furtherance of the paralysis and other complications. Many patients don’t get the treatment they need simply because it is no way to pay for it and the doctors cannot convince the hospitals to provide the treatment for free. When that happens, you end up wheelchair-bound or worse. Don’t let that happen to you. You have to protect yourself. You have to find a lawyer that actually cares about you and your family. You have to find an attorney that understands the difference between a good and bad doctor and to make appropriate recommendations to get you the best medical care possible.

It may be that you have a rapid spinal surgery to repair the damaged body part and 3 to 6 months later you’re going to be okay. Active care is a must. The term “active care” is a term of art in the medical industry and describes when a patient gets actual active medical treatment. The problem is always whether or not you’re going to get active care. If your doctor does not act like they care about you or treat you with this respect because you don’t have health insurance then you need to call lawyers that care like Brad Pistotnik Law.

When can Brad Pistotnik Law help you with your paralysis, paresthesias, numbness, tetraplegia, quadriplegia and other nerve related problems? At Brad Pistotnik Law we can help you immediately within the first few hours of an accident. Simply pick up the phone and call us. You can call Brad at any time at 316-706-5020 or you may call the main line at 316-684-4400. You can find us through our toll free number at 800-241-BRAD. Our office is located at 10111 E. 21st St. North, Suite 204, Wichita, KS 67206. We are just 3 blocks east of Webb Road on 21st St., North. We are conveniently located so that you can get to our location from any part of Wichita rapidly by going to Webb and 21st Street which is accessible from K-96 at the Webb Road exit.

Why should you hire Brad Pistotnik Law? This is an easy question to answer. You should hire Brad Pistotnik Law because of his 34 years plus experience handling complex injury cases. His team of attorneys and paralegals have a well-rounded knowledge base of the medical needs of personal injury clients. We work all over the State of Kansas from Kansas City and Wichita through all of Western Kansas including Salina, Hays, Liberal, Colby, Garden City, Dodge city, Hutchinson, Newton and many other smaller rural areas within Kansas, Nebraska and Illinois. We work on major bodily injury claims where the client needs excellent advice and care. We give you the respect that you deserve and the assistance that you require. Call us 24 hours a day and we will work to serve you and your family as best we can. We spare no expense on helping you and your family. Remember, time is not your friend in an accident case. The longer the delay in treatment, the worse you will likely become. Check out the top 10 reasons why people hire Brad Pistotnik Law on and call us for a free consultation.

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