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Types of Injuries Received from a Large Truck Accidents

Types of Injuries

There are various causes for truck accidents. Contributing factors in accidents may include driver fatigue from working over hours, aggressive driving, speeding, driver error, unsafe lane changes, brake failure, drug usage- such as methamphetamines, poor maintenance of trucks, tire blow outs, and improper load securement. Unfortunately, when truck driver’s engage in dangerous driving habits, they not only put themselves at risk, but every car that shares the road with them. Injuries from truck accidents can include everything from mild cuts and bruises to severe life changing injuries and even death. Injury victims from truck accidents have suffered:

When trucking companies and truck drivers choose to break the law and drive under dangerous conditions, injury victims deserve to be compensated for injuries and suffering resulting from incompetent or negligent behavior. The Truck Accident Lawyer Group is experienced in handling truck accident injury cases and is dedicated to fighting for the rights of truck accident injury victims. If you or a family member has been involved and injured in a truck accident, call today and speak with one of our experienced lawyers about your rights.

A number of factors can cause truck accidents - from bad or slippery road conditions, to driver fatigue, equipment failure or a combination of factors. It is important to begin investigating the cause of the accident as soon as possible so that evidence can be preserved. It may be necessary to work with experts in building your case. If you or a loved one is a victim of a large truck accident, call the Truck Accident Lawyers Group, Inc. now at (877) 736-4222 or CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A SIMPLE CASE FORM. The initial consultation is free of charge, and if we agree to accept your case, we will work on a contingent fee basis, which means we get paid for our services only if there is a monetary award or recovery of funds. Don't delay! You may have a valid claim and be entitled to compensation for your injuries, but a lawsuit must be filed before the statute of limitations expires.