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Unsafe Lane Change

Common Causes | Unsafe Lane Change

Accidents due to unsafe lane changes happen when a truck driver begins to change lanes without signaling or by signaling after they began the lane change. Collisions due to unsafe lane changes can also be caused when a car is forced to brake in order to make room- in reality there was not actually room for the truck to make a lane change. This kind of unsafe driving behavior can cause accident resulting in injury or death of other drivers. Accidents due to unsafe lane changes are completely avoidable when drivers practice safe and courteous driving habits. It only takes a moment to check your for other cars, signal when the lane is clear and move safely to another lane. Taking these simple steps can prevent a devastating accident and possible save someones life.

Tips for Safe Lane Changes:

  • Always use blinkers
  • Only change one lane at a time
  • Do not speed up to change lanes
  • Do not cut off other drivers to change lanes
  • Do not change lanes in an intersection
  • Never change lanes over a solid line - only dashed lines

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