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Drug Use

Common Causes | Drug Use

It is illegal to drive under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drug or a combined influence of alcohol and drugs. Driving under the influence of any drug that impairs one’s reaction time, motor skills and judgement, including Methamphetamine, puts not only the driver at risk, but other passengers and other innocent drivers simply sharing the road. In a 2007 survey from the National Highway and Safety Administration, over 16% of weekend, nighttime drivers tested positive for illegal, prescription, or over the counter medications. Over 11% tested positive for illicit drugs. In another study, 34 % of vehicle crash victims admitted to a trauma center tested positive for drugs.

Drugged Driving Affects on the Brain:

  • Alters perception
  • Alters cognition
  • Alters attention
  • Alters balance
  • Alters coordination
  • Reduces reaction time

In an effort to meet the demands of the industry, truck drivers are constantly looking for new ways to do their job. A study by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) found that seventeen out of twenty truck drivers say they can obtain meth (also known as speed, crank, crystal, ice, tina, chalk, and glass) easily at truck stops.

The NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) has found occupations that require extended hours, focus, and staying power have a employee base that is more inclined to use methamphetamine.

Fighting fatigue with stimulants is fairly commonplace among the truck driving community. Roadside testing and various surveys have found about one in five drivers use stimulants on occasion. Thankfully, this number has fell since the 1990’s.

Numerous guidelines, coupled with better enforcement, have led to a decrease in alcohol related incidents, but have failed in halting the use of drugs, particularly methamphetamine. The use of these drugs is increasing rapidly.

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