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How do I find an experienced lawyer for a Go-karts, ATV, four wheeler, or other recreational vehicle accident? Go Kart accident attorneys and lawyers are sometimes hard to locate. Brad Pistotnik Law has experienced Go Kart accident lawyers, attorneys and abogados. Many people that ride go karts end up having severe bodily injuries from what seems to be a harmless activity. To the contrary, go kart injuries happen frequently and usually occur due to negligent training and negligent supervision by the Company employees who rent the go kart.

When you have a go kart track it is extremely important that you have employees who are safely trained and instructed. Sometimes, these employees will make huge mistakes. These mistakes can be from failing to give you proper instruction, failing to make sure you are buckled in, failing to secure the buckles and failing to provide appropriate training about the safe operation on a Go Kart, also called Go Carts. These Go Kart operations are supposed to have a manager and supervising employees. The management is supposed to train the employees in the safe operation of a Go Kart track and then in turn, the employee is able to make sure that the people using the Go Kart have additional informational training on how to prevent customers from being injured.

A lot of times these companies fail to hold safety meetings, they fail to use proper video training and may not do any type of written comprehensive testing. If they don’t use written comprehensive testing there is no way to understand whether their employee has actually been trained at all or if the employee is safe. In some instances, the employees may be intoxicated on marijuana, alcohol or other legal or illegal drugs including prescription drugs like pain killers and Xanax. When they are on these types of medications it lowers their concentration and cognitive ability and makes them dangerous to give supervision.

When you hire an experienced attorney who has experience in Go Kart, ATVs and 4 wheeler’s you have a better chance at getting a fair recovery for your injuries. Injuries from riding Go Karts, ATVs and four wheelers can lead to head injuries including traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries including fractured vertebra and herniated disc injuries in the spine. They cause hand, foot and extremity injuries. At times, these injuries can lead to an amputation due to the development of an infection or cellulitis which becomes untreatable and the skin and surrounding body part start to die from infection and sepsis where you end up with an amputation. You can have a de-gloving injury where the skin is actually ripped off of the body part.

If a Go Kart tracks is not designed properly and they do not monitor the speed and use a governor, it can lead to high speed injuries. A governor can limit the speed of the Go Kart, ATV or four wheeler. When going too fast around a curve the rollover injuries can cause a multitude of different serious bodily injuries including wrongful death.

Many defendants try to get out of liability by having people sign a waiver or release form. When this happens, the release and waiver contract has to be analyzed to see if it is releasing all acts of negligence. Typically, gross negligence, also called wanton conduct or reckless indifference to human beings and bodily injury may get around these waivers. The activity of riding a go-cart, and ATV or a 4 wheeler involves an inherently dangerous activity and warnings should be provided to properly warn the person before riding about the dangers of riding.

In some instances, a roll bar may be removed or modified due to negligence on the part of the business operator which will increase or enhance the value of the case.

If you are on someone’s farm or home real estate and they do not provide appropriate instruction about safety to you or your child it is conceivable that their homeowner’s insurance may provide insurance to cover the injuries from writing the Go Kart, ATV or 4 wheeler. At Brad Pistotnik Law, we have had numerous cases over the years where people were out at someone else’s property and provided a ride with a younger untrained individual who was operating the Go Kart, ATV or 4 wheeler and they drove too fast because of their inexperience and incompetence which ultimately ended up in a passenger being seriously injured and/or killed. Our experience with these cases is that most of the time these injuries are extremely severe and we rarely see minor injuries from this type of case. I had a case where a family was inside on a holiday and let a younger child start up the sitting lawn mower and then gave rides to the other children without any supervision and my client had her foot partially cut off. Luckily for the little girl, I was able to find a wound injury specialist doctor who had treated injured soldiers at war and he was able to salvage her foot so she could walk. It could have been much worse.

You can also be injured from a defective Go Kart, a defective ATV or a defective 4 wheeler and a product liability case may be available to the injured person. Usually, this is where there is a product defect in the manufacturing and design of the particular product. The manufacturer may not make sufficient warnings to give appropriate instruction on safe operation and a possible case against the manufacturer arises.

Remember that just because an activity is fun, does not mean that the activity is safe. You should always advise your children that they should not ride a Go Kart, ATV, riding lawn mower or 4 wheeler without first being taught how to safely operate the product and that they should always be operated slowly so as not to overturn the vehicle. Recreational vehicles cause hundreds and hundreds of accidents every single year and these accidents are usually upsetting to see due to the severity of the trauma.

Brad Pistotnik Law will help you with your Go Kart injury, your ATV injury or your 4 wheeler injury. Our team of lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, case managers and legal support staff are here to serve you. We presently have 18 employees dedicated to serve injured persons and their families. We work in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and Illinois and work in every other state in the United States through co-counsel in Pro Hac Vice participation.

The moment you or your child has an accident you should immediately photograph and video all of the injuries in their entirety and capture photos and video of the Go Kart, ATV or 4 wheeler to show what it looks like immediately after impact. You should next call Brad Pistotnik Law for a free consultation with one of our lawyers.

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