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Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Accident attorneys and lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law, P.A. handle construction accidents in Wichita and Kansas City, Kansas. We handle them in Western Kansas cities like Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal, Colby, Hays, Great Bend, Salina and across Kansas. Our accident attorneys work in Nebraska, Illinois and many other states. Each year millions of workers are injured while on the job or at construction sites. These personal injuries can destroy a person’s life. Construction site accidents cause horrific levels of human and personal injury as well as disability. Many workers do not understand that they may have a workers’ compensation case and a third party claim for negligence at the same time. It takes an experienced attorney to determine how to determine who to bring suit against. Injured workers for construction accidents and workers’ compensation injuries can find their employers wanting to terminate their positions for bringing a claim. The accident attorneys and lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law are experienced in handling work related accidents. We know how to protect injured workers’rights. We evaluate all the facts and take over the investigation so that you can focus on recovering and being with your family. We have the ability to find doctors and medical specialists who are right for your particular injury. When your employer refuses to allow you to get medical treatment or go to the hospital or a doctor, we can help.

What Causes Wichita, Kansas Construction Accidents?

In most work related and construction accidents, the courts will consider a number of factors to determine whether or not the injured worker is able to collect compensation. These factors include:

  • Whether the accident occurred during work time?
  • The severity of the injury.
  • The level of impairment and severity of work restrictions.
  • Whether you suffered permanent functional impairment or disability?
  • Whether you will need ongoing medical treatment?

In many work or construction accidents you may be able to sue another company other than your employer. Some of the types of case where a personal injury victim can recover money damages against a third party are shown by the following factual scenarios:

1. You are driving a vehicle for an employer and injured in a car accident where someone else is at fault.
2. You are hurt on a construction site where another company brought in employees and their negligence caused your injury.
3. You are working for a manufacturer and get hurt by a piece of equipment that is manufactured by another company.

Get Help From the Construction Accident Attorneys and Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law!

Most often accidents that lead to serious injuries in construction sites are caused by someone at the company failing to follow OSHA required duties or by acting negligently by omitting to perform a legal act that is required under OSHA regulations or governmental regulations and laws. You need a skilled and experienced accident attorney with sufficient skills and resources to build your case appropriately.

In all on the job injuries, workers’ compensation accidents and construction site accidents, your ability to win depends on who you hire as your lawyer. If you hire a skilled lawyer with significant past experience like the attorneys and lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law, P.A. you have a much better chance at winning. Don’t take a chance, hire the Real Brad for your construction accident injuries.

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