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What is a broken or fractured leg worth in a car, motorcycle or truck accident? When you have a motor vehicle accident with personal injuries and break a bone in your leg, the value of your injuries and damages will depend on many factors like what type of break or fracture it is, which bone was broken, whether you are casted or have surgery, whether you have complications and how much insurance is available, assuming the other driver is at fault.

Hopefully, you have a small break that will heal adequately with time. If you are injured you may need a lawyer or personal injury attorney. If you have a bad broken bone it is essential you consult with a lawyer immediately to Know Your Rights.

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You may have a Greenstick fracture which is an incomplete fracture in which the bone is bent. This type occurs most often in children. You could have a transverse fracture which is where the broken piece of bone is at a right angle to the bone's axis. If you have a stable fracture then this type of fracture is barely out of place. The broken ends of the bones basically line up correctly and are aligned. In a stable fracture, the bones usually stay in place during healing.

A worse fracture is a displaced fracture which is a result of a bone that breaks and is displaced. In this type of break, the bone broken ends are separated and the broken bones will not properly line up. These types of fractures often require surgery to put the pieces back together. If you have a transverse fracture, this has a horizontal fracture line. This fracture can be unstable and if the fibula is broken it can be much worse and more painful. If you have an oblique fracture, this is a bone break with an angled pattern and is typically unstable. If an oblique fracture is initially stable or minimally displaced, over time it can become more out of place which is why immediate treatment is usually necessary.

A much worse type of fracture is a spiral fracture where the fracture is caused by a twisting force. The result is a spiral-shaped fracture line about the bone which travels around the bone in a circular fashion. These can be displaced or stable. The level of injury is dependent upon the amount of force that caused the break.

Even worse than spiral fractures you can have a comminuted fracture. This type of fracture is very unstable. This is where the bone has shattered into many smaller pieces of bone. Open fractures are where a bone breaks through the skin. These types of breaks are usually called open or compound fractures. They almost always require immediate surgery. A buckled fracture is also known as an impacted fracture. This is a break where one part of the bone is driven into the other part causing impaction.

If you have a broken bone in a leg from a car, motorcycle or truck accident, you will have a high likelihood of surgery and your case value will usually be higher than without surgery. If you have surgery and have complications, this can change the value of your case and make it worth more. Basically, the worse your injury is, the higher your case value becomes, again being dependent on fault and how much insurance coverage is available to the defendant driver and all other insurance that may be available like primary, excess, uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage and umbrella coverage.

You should talk to your doctor about potential complications of surgery like: malalignment, infection, nerve injury, vascular injury, blood clots, nonunion of a bone where it does not grow back together, angulation, and many other complications that a doctor is qualified to discuss with you. You need to ask about them about complications before surgery so you are well informed ahead of time.

Your first consultation never costs anything and is always FREE! We will explain your rights. I have used the slogan “Know Your Rights” since I opened Bradley A. Pistotnik, Attorney-At-Law . This firm was formed in 1983. This firm became simultaneously known as Pistotnik Law. This firm was later incorporated as Bradley A. Pistotnik Law, P.A. in 1984. This firm had a name change in 1991 to Pistotnik Law Offices, Chartered. Brad Pistotnik Law, P.A. was then formed as a new corporate entity on June 6, 2014. Brad and his staff moved to our new location in the summer of 2014 and can only be found at 10111 E. 21st Street North, Suite 204, Wichita, Kansas 67206. We are only 3 blocks east of Webb Road and only have one office since we serve the entire region of Kansas and Nebraska. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you and will drive or fly to you the same day if necessary. Brad Pistotnik started law school at K.U. in 1978 and graduated from K.U. School of Law in 1981. Brad has been studying or practicing law ever since. Let my personal experience help you and your family through a difficult time. Hire the real Brad!

Finally, to answer the question about how much your case is worth it is impossible to state the exact valuation until we meet you and learn all the facts of your particular case including how the accident happened, what type of vehicle hit you, whether you need surgery, whether you have complications from surgery and what your final disability is. Another important factor is how long you are off work and whether the doctor lets you go back to your job or whether you lose your job and become unemployable. These cases can be worth a few thousand dollars up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more dependent upon the specific factors in your case combined with the total available insurance limits.

Remember, never talk to an insurance company or adjuster without the advice of a skilled and experienced trial lawyer. Once you give a recorded statement it is there forever. Adjusters are taught to destroy cases and many are very good at it. Some are better than many lawyers in asking prewritten skilled questions that help wipe out your case. This is from the other person’s insurance company. Even your own insurance company will try to minimize your case for many reasons that they are taught in adjuster classroom training.

When the adjuster calls, just say no. Then call Brad at 1-800-241-BRAD or 316-684-4400. When I say “call me, it’s just that easy” it means that the call is free and calling me is easy. Relax and let me and my dedicated staff of attorneys, paralegals and former insurance adjusters who switched from the dark side to the side of right help you and your family get a quick easy recovery. We do all the hard work for you. The easy part is picking up the phone.

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