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Wichita Personal Injury Attorney News at Christmas.

Wichita Christmas Personal Injury Attorney News!

The 2016 Christmas toy give-a-way by Brad Pistotnik Law is over now and it was a huge

success. The Wichita police department was there to assist with crowd control and everything

went smooth as silk. Brad Pistotnik, Tony Atterbury and their staff including Jay Sizemore,

Barbara Cooper, Christine Couch, Jeremy Case, Jim Everett, Karla Romero, Reyna Berumen,

Brandon Rush, Adriana, Cassie Howard, Christina Pistotnik, JoAnna Pistotnik, Isabelle

Atterbury, and many others from the staff and their family members were there to donate

approximately 5,000 toys. Many smiling faces showed up after the gifts were given out. Many

families in tough situations need help in Wichita all the time, but especially at Christmas. We are

personal injury attorneys that care about our community and wish everyone a Merry Christmas

and Happy Holidays. Special thanks to Rose Hill Bank for helping make a contribution and to all

of the volunteers who devoted their whole day off to help give away toys. Go Wichita! Give like

you mean it and help everyone in need. You can always find us to give you help by calling Brad

at 800-242-BRAD, 316-684-4400 or his cell at 316-706-5020 or Tony Atterbury at 316-617-

9237. We are at 10111 E. 21st Street North, Suite 204, Wichita, Kansas 67206.

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